Thanks to a little masonry from “Another Brick in the Wall” A Little Leaven, we find arguably one of the most iconoclastic and execrable “sermons” I have heard in quite some time. “Okee Doke”? (Work with me, you’ll see).

What’s so distressing about this Hooked on Biblio-phonics message is some folk are buying this… this… I don’t know, poppycock? Renditions of childhood memories at the zoo? Impressions of a whoopie cushion speaking Pig Latin? Reflections of a drunken stupor and speaking to the only god he can remember – a shiny white one named American Standard?

Listen, I understand – and believe – in a baptism of the Holy Spirit. But this tomfoolery is some tool out of Satan’s carpentry belt abusing any sanctity there is to sound a stunt double from Wall-E!

The only thing of which I am certain is this is why the rapture is necessary, why atheism exists in this country and most importantly, why Christians must unite under the fundamental tenets of the Bible and put a quick end to fools like this. No wonder there are stereotypes out there.

Oh, and please don’t adjust your monitor. That is really a dead muskrat resting on his chin. Yoy, yoy, yoy!

  1. Brother –

    I saw this video and I was reminded about all of the hoopla over Todd “The Tool of Satan” Bentley and his wicked friends (Patricia King et al), then I learned that this Crowder schmuck runs around with Todd “the Tool”.

    Fear not, there is still an audience for this crap, so Crowder will have folks to “oing oing oing” at for the forseable future 🙄

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  3. willohroots says:

    So are we in the last days or what. Is this not amazing? This makes it hard for me to be a Christian, I get Spanish Inquisition type thought. God help me. Has no one a rope to not onto a scourge?
    Just how does that tickle an ear? I pray my God takes this guy out of the field and gives him something less damaging to do.
    It will be interesting to hear this guy before the Throne, There will be some OY OY then!

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