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What America really wants to read in print

What America really wants to read in print

Newspapers have been folding up its publications and heading down the information superhighway taking their toy online. Why? Most folk don’t enjoy the ink on their hands, so they read it online.

One such paper is fighting for their news fit to print is the Indianapolis Star. Looking at their budget and advertisers, they figure Christians suck and astrology gnosticism rocks, so here’s the story in their words:

The Prayer, a short ecumenical petition that is prayer at its most vanilla, has been a staple of the morning read for decades. It debuted on the editorial page in 1963. It moved to Page A1 in 1968 and moved to Page A2 in 2000. Yet in making the latest changes, the prayer was dropped. Eliminated. Interestingly enough the prayer’s longtime companion, a daily attempt at humor in 8-point type known as the Chuckle, kept its slot.

So, prayer is out of the classroom and out of tradition in Indy. However, according to WOW News’ Bible Belt Blogger, they kept the horoscope.

And if that wasn’t bloodletting enough, here’s an ironic piece of angst for Indiana’s largest daily. Their newspaper motto is A BIBLICAL VERSE: “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

I suppose the publisher took his liberty to kill the only thing uplifting in that whole paper – crime is on the rise in Indy, their state economy is on the fritz and the Colts were bounced out of the playoffs. But hey, blow the dust of those Ouija boards and Tarot cards, I feel some mojo in advertising.