America’s newest semi-super hero: Bible Patrol Man

Posted: January 15, 2009 in Age Quod Agis, Keep it real, OMG!, On Your Wall, Testify, WWJD
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If this cat had an action figure, maybe it would look like this

Man, where can I get me one of these fancy onesies?!

Look! Duck!

Up, up in the sky, probably traipsing from steeple to steeple.

I know it’s not a bird. It’s not quite a plane. It’s…

[Mark] Hyde, 40, who calls himself the Bible Patrol Man, heads out each day with a load of pamphlets about the Good Book and how to contact him… “My schedule is not tied to nine to five,” said Hyde, his Jamaican accent as calm and lucid as a Caribbean tide. “I don’t think the Lord works like that.”

No, not so much. Just ask the 1000s of belligerent drunks in this country on a daily basis who clutch that porcelain god at 3 a.m. looking for some salvation. Not that I know first-hand. I read books you know. Back to the story…

The Bible Patrol Man, who has been living in the United States for 22 years and is rarely without a smile, says he is often told that people are drawn to him. Going door-to-door, he hands out bright yellow cards with his phone number and his free services from Bible study to helping people quit smoking.

“I can’t see anywhere in the Bible the Lord charged anyone for anything,” he said.

That distinction would be reserved for false prophets and sardonic televangelists. As for the real Christians in foreign lands working for Jesus without yearning for headlines and TV cameras, the honor is in doing it – not receiving the honor for doing it.

Servants for the Gospel like Mark Hyde is the real deal, the truth and should be a source of envy and inspiration for Christians everywhere. If only for a while.

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