DATELINE: Nashville, Tenn. where we meet David Sanborn (and no relation to the jazz dude).

No, this Sanborn is an actor known for his peculiar likeness to a certain Messiah who has a panache for the miraculous. So, it’s only fitting that he attempts to create a miracle of his own – but with his hair?!

The profile alone makes me wanna shout "Amen!"

The profile alone makes me wanna shout "Amen!"

For the past two years, Sanborn has made a career in Tennessee portraying Jesus Christ and is now leaving for the big time (i.e. Broadway) to take on the role of King David. But before he does, he has one last sacrificial gift:

But before he leaves, the performer decided to cut off most of his hair to give to Locks of Love – the organization uses donated hair to create wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair.I was actually doing a benefit about a year ago where I was singing for cancer victims and a few people there had their hair cut at the concert on the premises for Locks of Love and it just blew me away,” Sanborn said.

This is a HiScrivener personal issue given my mother is a 15-year survivor of breast cancer. Actually, she saw that thing head-on and kicked its tail. If I had a flowing mane to shave, I would do it as well, but since I don’t I can only applaud those backseat Saviors who do.

Enjoy being King David in the American empire, Sanborn. FYI, if some ditzy chic with a smoking body named Bathsheba starts calling you a lot and visiting your dressing room, remember Nancy Reagan and “Just say no!”

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