There is a new movie in a theater near you based on a book by Bishop T.D. Jakes, “Not Easily Broken.”

Have you read the book? No? Here’s HiScrivener’s synopsis:

not-easily-brokenThere’s this L.A. preacher named Albert Hall (played stoically and remarkably by Jakes), and warming his pews is a lovely couple, Dave (played by Morris Chestnut, Ricky from the iconic “Boyz N The Hood”) and Clarice (played by Taraji P. Henson, Whitney Rome from “Boston Legal”).

The two lovebirds in public are rapidly drifting apart in private, and it all started with a tragic car wreck that ruined Dave’s hopeful shot at a baseball career.

Of course, it doesn’t help that his wife is oblivious to his feelings, not at all interested in having a baby and has a mother (played by Jenifer Lewis, who used to crack me up as Aunt Helen in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”) who is an emasculating wench who likes her love served up cold and bitter. Vicious!

So, in the spirit of dual-overtone compensation (both for the game and the child), Dave coaches little league baseball and hangs out with his two “bros”, the ubiquitous and overrated casanova (played by Eddie Cibrian, known as the great Jimmy Doherty on “Third Watch”) and the generic vociferous and droll second banana (played by Kevin Hart, known as the host of BET’s “One Night Stand”).

And of course, Dave is the habitual yet flimflam character who waxes philanthropic by mentoring an ex-con and harmonic by befriending… [cue horror music]… the white, single mother.

Plot plays out the way you think: Mom and wifey discover the error of their misguided ways, Hubby has a “Come to Jesus” meeting and looks at himself in the mirror (without his shirt nonetheless) and the boys chill the freak out and become the friends they should. Happily Ever After. The End.

Now, while there are obviously some redemptive messages and a universal theme that would make Jesus proud, Dave’s wife and mother-in-law are so over the top. I mean, it’s vexatious. Almost like they are both Lorena Bobbitt eagerly suiting Dave up for a good night’s sleep. Tense.

not-easily-broken-movieWhat’s refreshing is the relationship between Dave and “the white girl” is wholesome and not some surriptious means to assuage white guilt, which can be seen on oh, more than a thousand movies. News Flash: Some of us actually can and do get along! At least that is what I learned in a certain fraternity espousing brotherhood. Anywhoo…

The movie has an adept cast who can weave a verbal tapestry of comic relief, dramatic nuance and thought-provoking dialogue… if only they were given a chance throughout the entire film, which (forgive the pun) has a script that seems “broken”.

Yet, through it all, you understand needing open communication, having a tight circle of friends, maintaining introspective honesty with self and God, allowing transparency in a godly marriage and throughout it all, realizing why dogmatic truths work in a relationship. No condemnatory finger pointing, just a fleeting glance of what you can have, if only you believe in God enough to try.

  1. Sir

    God bless you I love your movie Not Easily Broken!

    I’m a Romance Writer soon to be Author . I belive God has been doing great things in your life . Pray that I find my way back into the fold Pastor I’m afraid sometimes I’ve wandred too far from the teachings on the Lord my parents taught me . I write romantic stories based on real life relationship situations . Feel free to visit my Myspace Music Page blog by the same name The Priestess Of Roses when you can find the time . Your inspirational movies is what is needed now in these troubled times . Keep penning your great work , I mean that

    God bless

  2. Ly Syin says:

    I was trying to remember the name of the movie I was thinking about the negative words and how they affected the characters.

  3. diana says:

    The movie was very moving. Will there be a sequal?

  4. Atul says:

    Hi, nice blog….. i had watched complete movie online , if you want to Download Not easily broken Movie , you can visit this site….

  5. […] Spiritual_postive on Aug.01, 2009, under relationship Bishop T.D. Jakes movie is kinda “easily broken”Posted on January 10, 2009 by hiscrivenerThere is a new movie in a theater near you based on a book […]

  6. […] Spiritual_postive on Aug.01, 2009, under contemporary Bishop T.D. Jakes movie is kinda “easily broken”Posted on January 10, 2009 by hiscrivenerThere is a new movie in a theater near you based on a book […]

  7. Kelly Lerigny says:

    We are at a much greater risk of ‘losing our witness’ with judgement and self-righteousness. If we really are to reach a lost world we need to be authentic. I don’t personally use foul language but that doesn’t make me any better than any other follower. I applaude the guts it takes for a pastor to make an honest film about the errors and vuneriblity that we all experience. I believe that this film has a much greater reach because of that and in order to witness you first need to be heard.

  8. tom wright says:

    To the extent that you found the language offensive, to that extent you have no idea what the average Christian person is really like outside of the church walls, much less what the life of a pagan is. It is precisely your stuffiness that keeps so many Christians locked away in their personal hell afraid to ever tell another believer the reality of how they struggle. I say thank you T. D. Jakes for confronting head on the reality that so many people sitting in pews today face.

    • hiscrivener says:

      I say thank you as well. But it’s OK to have an opinion… ever seen a movie (outside of Christianity) that made you just… well, not enjoy it too much. Or perhaps wasn’t too big a player in the bang-to-hype ratio?

      Think about that and get back to me with your finger pointing.

  9. James Dunkin says:

    I am appolled at this movie, not easily broken. I am embarrased for all Christians. This movie had bad language all the way through it. Some of the worlds movies dont even have this much language in them. We lose our witness when we (TD Jakes) makes movies like this!!! TD Jakes you offended me as well as I am sure several others. I will have a hard time watching you preach about holiness now. You owe the Christians a public apology………………..

    James Dunkin

    • Clay Davis says:

      I agree with James. I really do not see the need of the of such language. What really offened me was the use o God’s name in vain as well as my Saviors name “Jesus Christ”. Shame on TD Jakes for allowing such offensive languge. As a Born-Again Christian I do not use such langue and would expect a “pastor” making a movie not to even “Think On These Things” I saw this movie and wathed the making of the movie feature and was saddened at TD Jakes attitude.

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