Muslims see the Devil in Blue Jeans

Posted: January 9, 2009 in Good for a Giggle, On Your Wall, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture
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MEMO to all Muslims out there: A fatwa is brewing out there, and you may not even realize it.

There you are, watching a football game with your friends, you grab a bean pie and because of the gastrointestinal frivolity beans create, you undo the button of your blue jeans.

The Devil in Blue Jeans in any religion. Yikes!

The Devil in Blue Jeans in any religion. Yikes!

Ah, feel better? Well, that’s your gunah (sin). According to this story in WOW News’ Times Online (UK), wearing jeans is now a no-no and considered “unIslamic.”

Apparently, “the physical structure (curves) of the body is reflected if one puts on a jeans. Wearing them by a woman is a sin”. And, if that isn’t enough… “Women who want to look as men, are cursed.”

Just when you think the sexual revolution made its progress. Sarah Palin and her lipstick. Hillary Clinton and her vast collection of monochromatic pant suits. Haven’t we come farther than this?

Besides, what if some young Muslim is a butt-man? How is that guy going to find his soul mate? What, talk to her? Please! That is so 1980s.

Just like the Jordache, Calvin Kleins, Sassoon, Guess and Z-Cavaricchi burning in folks closets across the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.


  1. hiscrivener says:

    Yeah, but it was either Photoshop or a membership to Getty Images. I know a gal, so unlimited access to iconography like that was my Christmas present. Tee Hee.

  2. wickle says:

    In the future, I think that a warning label might be appropriate before showing a picture like that.

    I mean, seriously! Have you no standards? :shudder:

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