In church or revival meetings from time to time, I have sang a beautiful song penned by the great Kent Henry, “I want to be more like you.”

I mean it when I sing it, but could I really do it? You know, all that turn the other cheek and love your neighbor as yourself stuff. Seriously, what if you don’t like yourself that much? Your neighbors don’t have much of a shot… but I digress.

wwjd-for-realMeet Rev. Ed Dobson of Grand Rapids, Mich.

Ed decided after a life of service for the Lord wasn’t enough. He wanted to take that song out for a spin, actually live like Jesus for a full year and got much more than he bargained.

His summation of the year-long mirror imagery: “I’ve concluded that I am a follower, but I’m not a very good one,” Dobson said. “If you get serious about the Bible, it will really mess you up.”

Seriously?! That’s the sage counsel you derived on this life experience. What was so different?

He has witnessed for Jesus in bars, picked up strangers needing rides and voted for a Democrat who he believes best reflects Christ’s teachings. During recent Christmas celebrations, as Christians worshipped the Christ child born in a manger, Dobson appreciated more than ever the man who preached love, only to die on a cross.

Ah, there’s the ubiquitous rub. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so. More about this in this riveting article.

“Jesus is a very troubling individual,” Dobson said. Jesus’ troubling teachings influenced him to vote for Barack Obama — his first vote for a Democrat for president. Though disagreeing with Obama on abortion, he said, “I felt, as an individual, he was closer to the spirit of Jesus’ teachings than anyone else. (Obama) was a community organizer, so he was into the poor, the marginalized, the oppressed, which Jesus is very much into.”

In short, the person who takes the seat at the hallowed Resolute Desk should always sit there thinking about the people that voted for him (or her), not about the starched suits who fly over head like vultures waiting for their photo-op. That politics and partisanship. But in my own utopia, the president should live like Jesus too.

So if you love the Lord, and secretly voted for that other guy, don’t feel bad. Maybe Jesus would have registered as an Independent and done the same thing. You know, in his mind, it’s WW-G-D?


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