Refreshing New Study: Abstinence on the rise

Posted: January 8, 2009 in Above the Fold, Keep it real, Networking, The Obvious Files, WWJD
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No, you read that correctly – this isn’t a story about teen pregnancy or condoms passed out in school.

It’s about what you think should occur when teenagers are serious about their walk with the Lord – they keep their pants on, at least according to FOX News.

Religious teens lose their virginity later than those who are not religious — waiting on average three years longer than their peers, a recent study reported.

abstinenceHuzzah! This “wait until marriage” thing isn’t foolproof, but at least it gives you a goal, right?

According to many, as also noted in the story, virginity pledges don’t matter. Curiosity killed more than the cat, it gave it catnip, caused it walk backwards and act like it has rabies… and then, you know, it died.

Janet Rosenbaum, a post doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, wrote in this month’s issue of “Pediatrics” that those with strong religious backgrounds became sexually active at about 21 on average —regardless if they took a pledge to remain a virgin until marriage.

Being a teenager is tough enough, then add raging hormones to the mix, and that struggle becomes off the chain. That’s the thing about sex, it’s supposed to feel good and most teenagers think puppy love is the real deal, and as married folk know full well – it sooo is not.

Love, a true agape love, is about sacrifice, honor and selflessness… all of which is not included on a pre-pubescent tryst in the back seat of your Dad’s AMC Pacer. But hey, at least, the Christian teenagers have three more years to reconsider their options for dating, marriage and their profile on eHarmony.

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  2. Amyjo says:

    THIS is fabulous news!

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