vatican-homosexuals-bananaIt’s no secret that B16 is passionate about the kibosh on the homosexual agenda.

From newsletters to sermons to claiming the whole Word of God thingy, Popus Benedictus is “Why so serious”. (Hey, it rhymed and I saw the movie last night, so there).

But for some reason, his zeal, conviction, proper interpretation of the Bible and, of course, his angst isn’t as catchy as he envisioned.

There has to be a zinger, a catch phrase, an aphorism Il Papa can hurl against St. Peter’s Basilica’s wall and see if it sticks. Suddenly, it was there – his “Jerry Maguire” moment.

Pope Benedict took an unconventional approach today to stand up to what he sees as gender-bending, saying protecting heterosexuality was as important as saving the rainforest.

Uh, yeah. About that. The only “protection” opposite sex hook-ups require is a condom, or… what’s that word… oh yeah, “NO!” But now, you break out your best P.C. homily, Greenpeace and Al Gore are dancing a jig and we have this magical sound bite. Classic.

My question, just based upon age-old stories in the Roman Catholic Church, is who in the world is protecting hypersexuality? Think about it… ah, there it is.


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