The Pope understands prayer for that G.I. Joe and his action grip

Posted: January 6, 2009 in Denominational Fun, Good for a Giggle, Networking, PC is not for ME, Religion Potpourri
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The economy is tough, so suffice to say, some misanthrope holiday shopper was praying a little from store to store knowing full well the credit limit had a stop watch on it.

Makes sense? So, how come it took the Pope to think of giving all those who sweat at the cash register a place to go, sob and thank the Lord they didn’t go to jail for yet another bounced check?!

Where Cardinals go to hang out

Where Cardinals go to hang out

What am I talking about? See the picture?

This is the Tremestieri mall in Messina, Sicily, home to Italy’s first Roman Catholic chapel in a shopping centre. The idea is to allow shoppers to take time out for prayer, says the priest who blessed it, Father Giuseppe Lonia.

Nice. But what’s next Pope B16? Going to a grocery store and getting your Eucharist on sale… perhaps with some cheese and Kool-aid?

Perhaps, going to some morose, artsy clothing store to get your latest cleric garb. Black… it’s the new, well, black.

Whatever the trends, this mall chapel covers a multitude of sin. And how is the ACLU going to combat that one? Well, get one in your local stateside mall, and we’ll see. But trust me on this, rosaries will never go on sale. Hollywood keeps the mark up there already. Ah, religion and fashion. Good times.


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