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This one is definitely more of a God Sighting, but deserves its own post, because it’s just more. For those Wall Watchers with children, you’ll understand.

DATELINE: Charlotte, N.C. to witness a miracle. Actually, a few of them.

That's Chelsea in the middle

That's Chelsea in the middle

A girl named Chelsea Banton was born five weeks prematurely, and doctors gave her 36 hours to live. They were wrong… miracle #1.

Before Chelsea was 2, she was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia, the first of several dangerous run-ins with the illness that have made her a familiar face in Presbyterian’s pediatric intensive care unit. Among other health problems in her medical history: hydrocephalus, requiring a shunt in her skull and, later, several shunt revisions; life-threatening viruses; and, this past July, fluid retention that required more than a week’s hospitalization and three liters of liquid to be drawn from her body.

She’s still here, on life-support, but here… miracle #2.

But in late October, things looked grimm and the family created a “plan of action” to take Chelsea off the ventilator if things got really bad. Things weren’t getting better, and the entire family was feeling pain, most of all, Chelsea.


Angel of Light? You be the judge.

For the rest, I’ll just use the editorial from the Charlotte Observer, and let that – and this amazing picture – do the talking.

On the afternoon of Nov. 5, as family and friends prayed about the decision, a nurse practitioner called Colleen’s attention to a monitor showing the door to the pediatric intensive care unit.

“On the monitor, there was this bright light,” Colleen recalls. “And I looked at it and I said, ‘Oh my goodness! It looks like an angel!”

Colleen pointed her digital camera at the monitor to take a photo of the image, but the “first picture wouldn’t take.”

She tried again and succeeded. The image gave her a peace that stayed with her when hospital staff removed Chelsea’s oxygen mask.

And then, “when they took the mask off of her, her stats went as high as they’ve ever been.

“Her color was good, and the doctors and nurses were amazed,” Colleen said. “The nurse practitioner who saw the image in the monitor said, ‘I’ve worked here 15 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it.’”

Chelsea was removed from intensive care on Nov. 14 and went home three days later.

This past Christmas, Chelsea turned 15. What number is that? I would say third time was the charm, indeed.

The economy is tough, so suffice to say, some misanthrope holiday shopper was praying a little from store to store knowing full well the credit limit had a stop watch on it.

Makes sense? So, how come it took the Pope to think of giving all those who sweat at the cash register a place to go, sob and thank the Lord they didn’t go to jail for yet another bounced check?!

Where Cardinals go to hang out

Where Cardinals go to hang out

What am I talking about? See the picture?

This is the Tremestieri mall in Messina, Sicily, home to Italy’s first Roman Catholic chapel in a shopping centre. The idea is to allow shoppers to take time out for prayer, says the priest who blessed it, Father Giuseppe Lonia.

Nice. But what’s next Pope B16? Going to a grocery store and getting your Eucharist on sale… perhaps with some cheese and Kool-aid?

Perhaps, going to some morose, artsy clothing store to get your latest cleric garb. Black… it’s the new, well, black.

Whatever the trends, this mall chapel covers a multitude of sin. And how is the ACLU going to combat that one? Well, get one in your local stateside mall, and we’ll see. But trust me on this, rosaries will never go on sale. Hollywood keeps the mark up there already. Ah, religion and fashion. Good times.

I adore baseball, the Great Game. That said, the one thing I have always loved surrounding the sport is… er, sorry thanks to capitalism run amuck, was Monument Park. But, did you know, these hallowed plaques actually used to be in the field?

Can you imagine some steroid-laden third baseman crushing a hanging curve ball, then some rookie in left field screams to the corner post and WHAM! He smacks headlong into Babe Ruth’s mug. Now, that’s a curse.

Have the visual for your entertainment value? Good. DATELINE: Hyderabad, India.

Jesus! Take the wheel! Please!

Jesus! Take the wheel! Please!

Basically, imagine the baseball example… except you are driving around more than 253 obstacles! Oh yeah, and you can’t run them over because they are all religious structures, so defilement would be heinous and criminal.

According to a survey done by the traffic police, 117 temples, 129 mosques, chillahs and dargahs, four churches, one gurudwara and two burial grounds are obstructing the path of motorists. Additional commissioner (traffic) N V Surendra Babu said identification of structures were done based on the effect on the free flow of traffic.

So, what’s a drunk driver to do in the straits of New Delhi? I dunno. Ask the Department of Transportation, I think.

In cases where it is not possible, traffic police will suggest that the structures be relocated. “Taking the locals into confidence and briefing them about the importance and the inconvenience the structures have been causing, structures should be relocated to side of the road. But, the process should happen only with the `consensus’ and the decision cannot be imposed,” Surendra Babu said.

“Inconvenient”. Ya’ think?

How would you like to be doing 75 MPH in the rain, and then WHAM! Baby Buddha stops your hooptie and gives it a spiritual makeover? I don’t know about you but accidents aren’t the problem here. I would say it’s more like a mass rash of atheism in the sub continent. “God killed my car,” yeah, I would have to take up the whole ‘God gets on my nerves’ thing too.

No offense to Carrie Underwood, but “Jesus better take my wheel”! If some Omkar busted my ride, reincarnation would not be on my “must do” list. That’s all I’m saying.