You know, who cares about prayer in school and all the hubbub Christians muster annually during the National Day of Prayer. With the 111th Congress about to take their collective seat on Capitol Hill – and this revealing story from the Pew Forum – to litigate and lay prostrate before the Lord. Yeah, you heard me right.

Not converging near DuPont Circle in DC anytime soon

Not converging near DuPont Circle in DC anytime soon

Typically, the words “Congress” and “Righteous” aren’t used in the same sentence unless it’s something like Congress is bashing the righteous, but that’s not the case according the church membership cards in the wallets of some of these upstanding folk.

The [Pew Forum] study finds that there is at least one major difference between Congress and the nation as a whole: Members of Congress are much more likely than the public overall to say they are affiliated with a particular religion... Collectively, Protestants account for more than half (54.7%) of the 111th Congress, about the same proportion as their share of the U.S. adult population (51.3%).

Other fun facts?

  • Catholics make up 1/4 of Congress and is 2X larger than the next religious gaggle
  • That would be Baptists, who are 12.4% of Congress, and still avoid eye contact with all those Catholic officials at the local D.C. liquor store. (HA!)
  • Jews make up 8.4% of Congress, guaranteeing from some swank P.C. holiday decor
  • Mormons (sans Mitt Romney) make up 2.6% of Congress. It used to be 4.5%, but some of those voted for Prop 8 and were executed out back with a firing squad

Lots of great stats, facts and figures in this story. Check it out and see how your church affiliation resides. If your official doesn’t vote the way you like, at least you will have this to hang over his or her head, right? Yet, the battle of church and state rages on, which shows these guys are all in it for the money.

Oh yeah, and the incoming president can probably claim half of these. Good times!

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