Pastor calls for God’s wrath on a judge, ACLU backs him up

Posted: January 2, 2009 in Above the Fold, Good for a Giggle, On Your Wall, Spin Doctor
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I go to bed in 2008, broke from the economic crunch, giddy that it can only better and even altruistically approaching the Writing on the Wall… and then, I read this out-of-left-friggin-field story about the ACLU tapping into Wonder Twin WITH A PASTOR from Grand Rapids, Mich. Sigh, it’s only going to be more of the same. Good times for HiScrivener.

aclu-copsSo, there’s this quaint “community activist” [which is a nice way to say ‘Man without a life or gainful employment’] who ran for Congress is being allowed to address the legal qualms made against him. Oh yeah, he is running for office from a jail cell. On with the story of how he got there:

After being convicted and sentenced to probation in 2007 for paying people to vote in a Benton Harbor recall election, Edward Pinkney wrote an article in a small Chicago newspaper saying the judge who handled the case could be punished by God with curses, fever and “extreme burning” unless he changed his ways. Another judge considered the article a threat and sentenced Pinkney to three to 10 years in prison for violating his probation. Pinkney, who says he’s a Baptist minister, and his attorneys say he was only paraphrasing some Bible verses from the book of Deuteronomy.

Gotta love those attorneys. Give them a check and all they do is robotically change scripture to address the ruffians who censure them. Only in America.

MEMO to the Pastor here: What are you thinking? Quoting from Deuteronomy? What about “The Kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force”? I mean, it stakes your claim, shows you’re a tough guy and uh, keeps the issue of death and dismemberment away from a federal official, you twit!

And the news in this story, after that sagacious comic relief is this:

The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan filed an appeal, saying his comments were protected under the First Amendment and that he was wrongly imprisoned. It also urged the Michigan Court of Appeals to release Pinkney on bond while the court considers the appeal of his sentence.

Genius! And although this oaf in striped pajamas only received a whopping one percent of the vote, at least he made an unlikely new BFF?! Talk about sleeping with the enemy. See, there’s your silver lining. Just another resolution from yours truly. Happy New Year.

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