I’m closing this ghastly laptop for the rest of the year now. I know, so fatalistic, but I’ll be back.

If you have to be out tonight, leave early or stay wherever you are late. I’m sure you are a responsible person on the roads this evening. It’s the other boneheads of which I would be concerned. If you have plans for 2009, cancel them. If you have a resolution, be resolute enough to know you won’t do it.

Take control of 2009 and don’t leave it to fate. The only thing you are predestined is life everlasting with Jesus… everything else is up to you. Sage counsel: The most magnificent and powerful thing God ever gave us is the power of choice. Think about it. God so loved the world, right? But you still have to choose his sacrifice on the cross and apply the blood to your life.

Consider that as the ball drops and the clock strikes midnight. Choose wisely and see the riches God has in store for you in 2009. Choose like a dunce who has no clue about the Word of God and see pretty much the same you had in 2008. Either way, God is waiting on you. He trusts you. Make him proud next year. Be blessed and tune in for more bountiful bricklaying and majestic masonry next year.


  1. Hiscrivener,

    Happy New Year!


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