Apocalypse Watch: The Pope can’t pack ’em in like he used to

Posted: December 30, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, The Obvious Files
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Maybe some slick political advertising would help?

Maybe some slick political advertising would help?

Not so long, the man who occupies 1 Vatican Circle at St. Peter’s Basilica could really pack in a portico. The throng of Catholic devoutees hurling their Papal foam fingers in the air just to catch a glimpse of Il Papa fanning a blessing downward.

But alas, those were the good John Paul days. Today, a new regime of Benedict looms and the people… well, they seem to have scampered according to this story from Reuters.

Data out this week shows that 534,500 people attended his 42 general audiences in 2008 — or about 12,726 people each audience. That compares to 729,100 people at his 44 audiences in 2007 – or about 16,570 people per audience. More than a million people attended his general audiences in 2006, his first full year as pope.

So, you don’t think the ECONOMY has anything to do with this, do you? Regardless of how little people spend on a round-trip ticket to Rome, it’s still five hundred friggin’ dollars. You know how much gas and groceries that’ll buy?!

MEMO to all Roman Catholics in this country: Make it a “stay-cation“. These are usually terms reserved for those who don’t have the discretionary income to travel to a resort or, you know, the homeless. Make the best of it in your own backyard.

So make it a day – get all lathered up, dawn your bleached robe, bling out your rosary, visit your local diocese and have a “Get to know your Bishop day”. That’ll put some fun back in the Catholic Church, right? Ah, good times.

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