May as well throw employment in there too

What the heck is going with the Anglican Church in Jolly Ol’ England? Extreme Makeover: Christmas Edition?!

When I think of Christmas, I envision three wise dudes bearing gifts, angels with clarion messages and sweet baby Jesus. However, some priests in the Anglican Church have decided to create a new Christmas story, one more to their sardonic liking:

But now Hindu snowmen, a Chinese dragon and a Jewish temple are also to be included in an attempt to make the celebrations more inclusive of Britain’s diverse communities. Westminster Abbey will unveil life-size snowmen that Anglican clergy hope will help to improve relations and dialogue between other faiths. Dressed in turbans, with bindi dots on their foreheads, they are intended to demonstrate that Christmas should not be exclusively for Christians.

The Rev Jane Hedges, a canon at the abbey, said that it was important to encourage people from other faiths to join in the celebrations. “We’ve done this as it creates a good opportunity for Christians to meet and hear about the stories of people of other faiths,” she said. “Christmas is an opportunity for everyone to stop and think and is a great opportunity for the different faiths to talk to one another. “Wherever you’re coming from there should be something to celebrate at Christmas.”

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year… namely for CHRISTIANS! Why is that so difficult to decipher?!

People don’t buy Hindu trees, Muslim presents or a Buddha ornament for said twig and garland. Now there is that thing about Santa Claus being an anagram for Satan… well, Claus, but I don’t hear that being brought up in “Universalism 101 Bible Study”

MEMO to Rev. Jane of the Apes here: Any day is a good opportunity for different faiths to talk to one another, it’s called work. However, if you are so consumed with homily that you can detect the right time to actually live one out, then there is a lot more you should be doing to discuss Christ than a stupid celebration round the old oak tree.

However the smarmy side of me wonders what Easter would be like at this dumb chic’s church? What, a rabbit being lifted out of the earth, with a halo taped to its ears and then every Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and Atheist can take turns in punditry debating the bunny’s existence.

Good times.


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