A true “Secret Santa” leaves D.C. church thousands of toys

Posted: December 19, 2008 in Keep it real, On Your Wall, WWJD
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Just when you think you are getting too jaded to appreciate the holidays and are fed up with the depressing stories about how heinous some folk get around this time of the year, comes a story out of Washington D.C. to put the kibash on your “Bah-Humbugism” and fill you chock full o’hope.

christmas-time-is-hereRev. Wayne Snead found the pile of toys [pictured here] when he arrived Sunday morning, along with a note saying that the toys should go to less-fortunate children in these rough economic times. The donor didn’t identify him or her self, but members of the Galilee United Methodist Church seemed to feel the generosity of the gesture; many called it a true example of Christmas spirit when it’s needed most.

I truly wish I could get in a situation to do this for a church, charity or just a bunch of kids I know without, you know, charging it. This is amazing.

And what’s even more spectacular, it’s the third year in a row he or she has done this magnamious act!

What do I want for Christmas? A heart like this person. Nice warm fuzzies for everyone today. Ho-ho-ho.

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