Finally, a preacher with some foreign relations chutzpah

Posted: December 16, 2008 in Networking, Politics, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, Spin Doctor, Testify
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You know, Rick Warren?

Megachurch pastor. Created the first legitimate “debate” between presidential candidates Obama and McCain. And fairly well-liked cat.

Now, we can add to that list of luminaries, avenging angel of terrorism?! Evidently, he’s got a serious weed for folk like lunatic leader of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmandinejad, who incidentally hates Americans with a passion and Jews even more than that by dening the holocaust and wants to “wipe Israel off the map.”

Favor? Take some Pepto Bismol, keep a barf bucket nearby in case of queasiness and watch this clip from Hannity to see what I mean. It’s interesting. Go Rick “Captain Zionist” Warren Go. Maybe you aren’t so “seeker sensitive” as we thought.

  1. Rich Bordner says:

    Oh, ok….the “barf bag” comment was directed at Hannity.

    Thanks for clearing that up. 🙂

  2. hiscrivener says:

    No, that’s what I’m saying. He’s known for being real careful and tipy-toeing around anything controversial that will exhibit his boldness for the Gospel. After this clip, not any longer. I was glad he said what he did.

    Personally, I can’t stand Hannity. Maybe that’s what I should have made clearer. Some people can debate well. Hannity takes a couple of talking points and drills them into your medulla like you are being fitted for one of those crowns to keep your neck straight.

    Sorry about the confusion, Sir Pugnacity.

  3. Rich Bordner says:

    I’m a little confused here…I thought you were baggin’ on Warren when I read your words, but I find nothing objectionable about what he says. Can you connect the dots for me?

  4. Wow, great video clip. He’s so right though. If you read Romans 13 you can see that is what government’s role should be.

  5. Pamela says:

    BTW I did not watch the video. When I know that someone is nuts I don’t bother unless a critique is saying that they may be changing. I guess you can tell I do NOT partake of ANY Christian media these days. I hate the feeling like I want to throw my shoe at the TV screen. The last time I tried to watch something a while back (after years of not trying) I found myself screaming QUIT LYING ON GOD or something like that. LOL

  6. Pamela says:

    This is not the first time this man has kissed up to terrorists. He went to Syria. When he returned reporting that there was religious freedom. He rightly caught hell for that madness. This is when I began to have my doubts of Rick Warren and how he logically processes things. Seriously. As large as his church is I’m sure there is a least one lone soul that escaped these countries because of religious persecution. If I met them at ORU I know he has with a congregation way larger than the approx. 4000-5000 students that attend ORU each year. Christian leaders have been pounding him ever since. I’m sure you can find articles about this online. He is deeply confused about right and wrong or incredibly naive about people. The Bible says that the heart of the man that is not born again is deceitfully wicked. Rick Warren seems to think that whatever people tell him is the truth. Here is a Yahoo search link for ‘rick warren syria’. As I stated he caught hell for his assessment of the plight of Christians.

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