Economy has no effect on the price to kill a pastor

Posted: December 10, 2008 in Above the Fold, Keep it real, Legal Prejudice, Networking, On Your Wall
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amw-jesusWe jest about the ACLU, Satanists, Atheists and um, Nancy Pelosi. Their disdain for Christianity and Jesus is appalling, but nothing could ever amount to the hatred aimed at Christians in third-world countries every day.

And to quantify that angst, we have this tragic story of why any religion outside of Jesus is simply entertaining a more enlightened way to hell. With the Son of God, we all can experience love and feel a passion to lead others down the same primrose path to righteousness.

Without him, you could act like this avowed Hindus, and offer a bounty on the head of any Christian pastor – for the price of a HD radio.

Faiz Rahman, chairman of Good News India, said Hindu militants are targeting Christian leaders, the Christian Post reported. “The going price to kill a pastor is $250,” he said.

Rahman, a head of several orphanages in Orissa State, said he’s helped 25 pastors to leave refugee camps, but 250 Christian leaders are still in shelters. “All of the pastors are high value targets,” Rahman told the UK-based Release International. “We’ve got to get them out of the refugee camps.”

Ever thought you were called to the mission field… of you know, Hawaii, Guam, Mexico or some other tropic climate. Because of course, that is where the Lord sends all the unsaved. Take a gander at what Christians endure in India:

Thousands of homes and churches have been destroyed, and an estimated 50,000 Christians have been forced to flee the violence. Mission Network News estimates 5,000 Christian homes have been burned and 200 churches ruined. According to the Christian Post, 30,000 people remain in government-operated refugee camps. Tens of thousands are living in forests – many seriously wounded.

Candidly, reading these stories doesn’t break my heart – it rips it to shreds. On my best day, I wouldn’t volunteer to do half this stuff – and I love Jesus! These are patriots for Christ, true heroes who deserve all out prayers and support.

And if that doesn’t help, imagine your Christmas shopping. What have you bought with $250? Now, go pray for those pastors. I know I will, more fervently than ever.

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