Not quite sure what to get for that lovely stocking stuffer. All the salve and lotions bought up at Bed, Bath & Beyond? Then I have just the answer for you, folks. Step right up, come one, come all. I checked out a cyber home that I traipse through from time to time and found a winner on “MyConfinedSpace”.

Genius for the faith-loving, but not-quite-committing to any Church type in your life. Enter a sacrosanct deck of FAITH CARDS, good for any faith, belief or culter, organization out there. (Sorry, Tom Cruise. Please don’t sue).

Now, if you fancy a true LOL moment, go the last aforementioned link, Wall Watchers. First time I saw these, I pelted everyone in my trite HiScrivener inbox, and then figured why not. Let’s spread the holiday/HOLY-day cheer with these thing. Lovely!

Here are some other adorable snap shots:


  1. I’m willing to pay a little more just for FAITH CARDS of folks. This will be snap shots for you. And snap shots can help Genius immensely.

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