political-christmas[Cue harmonica tone] “On the first day of Christmas, some goofball gave to me, blah blah blah… and a tree”.

We all know the song, and ofttimes have to consult Wikipedia for what is involved during those 12 Yuletide Days; however in lieu of this tumultuous economy, have you stopped to consider what in the world that infamous near two weeks can cost a brother or sister?

Yeah, me neither… BUT IF YOU HAD… there’s an answer thanks to this press release I noticed from the PNC and their brilliant, tongue-in-cheek “Christmas Price Index.”

Hold on to your hats, Christmas shoppers. Because if you are still looking for that certain memorable gift for your loved one, as in each one of those capricious items noted for each day, it’ll run you a cool $86,609!

That is for the birds! Well, a partridge to be exact. (Yeah, I know. I moaned too but come on.)

The PNC Christmas Price Index increased by a lavish 8.1 percent over last year, the second biggest leap in the history of the whimsical economic analysis by PNC Wealth Management based on the cost of gifts in the holiday classic, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

I’ve had it. First, gas prices were making me pray for one of those baroque and rococo Star Trek transporters to get to work. Then, energy costs have me wearing a parka… in my own home. Now this!

You know, I support Zionism. It’s time to make the leap, because please, I know a menorah, latkes and chocolate gelt doesn’t cost this much. And there’s only seven of those days. Take that, U.S. government. That’s cost cutting!


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