Well, kind of a survey, according to Yahoo…

Instead of it being a “national poll”, it was 3,000 dorks fresh out of a Sci-Fi convention. Instead of this being a global representation of religion, it was a remote, dank section of Manchester.

alien-jesusBut for what it’s worth, Britain’s Daily Mail cheeky marketing survey to promote the puerile X-Files movie got enough love to go on the Wall. So, good on ya’.

That said, the poll of 3,000 people found that 58 percent believe in the supernatural, including paranormal encounters, while 54 percent believe God exists. Women were more likely than men to believe in the supernatural and were also more likely to visit a medium.

Well, I have an example for the latter: Oprah! Next?

So, what’s the deal with these 3,000 dolts who think E.T. is more viable with faith than J.C.? I just don’t get it. There has never been proof about life on Mars, and century-old debates about life in heaven, yet slimy invertebrates are slightly more realistic?!

Ooooo K. Anyone from the story provide a talking point?

“While it is difficult to know for certain, the tendency to believe in the paranormal appears to be there from the beginning,” said Christopher Bader, a Baylor University sociologist. “What changes is the content of the paranormal. For example, very few people believe in faeries and elves these days. But as belief in faeries faded, other beliefs, such as belief in UFOs, emerged to take their place.

I suppose that makes sense. While most of the Church doesn’t seem to grasp personal evangelism like back in the day, we always have TBN to fall back on, right? Anyone? Is this thing on?

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