Graham… chocolate… S’mores… is this thing on?

OK, OK, so the headline was a tad sparse and a bit of a stretch, but really, she’s a GRAHAM. As in, you know, this dude?

So, it’s a teensy bit strange you find the third of his kids angling for a familiar line of work – ministering the Gospel and creating another ministry touting the old man’s name, according to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

Evidently, her focus for ministry is speaking out for those who won’t speak on the “unspoken issues” plaguing the Church today like a child’s teen pregnancy, drug use and eating disorders, infidelity and suffering through a loser spouse’s “rebound marriage.” And from the story:

These low points eventually led her in 2004 to form a ministry, Ruth Graham & Friends, that helps others address problems that she said are too often ignored in the Christian community. “Once we’re in the church, we pretend all the sinners are on the outside. We want to keep the rules, and when we can’t, we become shameful and pretend we have it all together,” Graham said in an interview. “The world is tired of plastic Christians,” she said. “I was tired of being a plastic Christian. I told everybody I had it all together, and I was falling apart. And I was scared to death to tell somebody.”

No woman, no cry.

The Grahams: No woman, no cry.

Nice, nice and again I say, nice!

Aside from a casual read-over on a biography of the grand Billy Graham, I have never heard of the third of his kiddos. And now I know why. Amazing how a skilled public relations team can keep issues like this out of the ire of a sneering press and few psychotic ne’er-do-wells who loathe God.

But with snappy, transparent quotes like that, who needs ’em?!

That was beautiful! Forget the pews… the pulpits are chock-full-o’ Barbie & Kens and it’s because of THEM hurting and scorned sheep can’t locate safety and solace in the arms of a neighborhood church for fear of being judged and marked for jokes and condemnatory fingers.

It’s shameful that a ministry like this is necessary, but it’s also about time. Oh sure, your church and mine has its local, congenial ministries but nothing carrying this kind of name power dealing with those sins bustled in the closet in quite some time.

Here’s to hoping she keeps bashing those thunder sticks together to scare the roaches out from under the rocks instead of creating another speaking opportunity for rather noteworthy brother. Ruthie, you go girl! Just go fast… the Church needs you.

  1. Pamela says:

    I have also heard Franklin say the same thing during his rebellion.

    Here is a link to video celebrating his 80th birthday. It features Franklin. It is the sweetest video.

    One thing I found interesting. I have heard him say that if he had to do things over again he would have spent more time with his children.

  2. CM says:

    Graham Crackers!

  3. hiscrivener says:

    That’s so refreshing to hear. You know, a preacher that loves his kids… and the Church at the same time.

    There’s a reason Billy Graham has been “America’s Pastor” for so many decades.

  4. Pamela says:

    I heard of her years ago on TBN. She revealed a lot of her past on that station. She was pretty direct when mentioning that two of Billy Graham’s grandchildren were born out of wedlock. I believe that daughter has gotten her life back to normal and has married. I think this is when Ruth formed her ministry. I was glad to see it. She also praised her father in how he reached out to her during her madness.

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