Meet Rev. George Docherty.

pledge-of-allegianceEver heard of him? Yeah, me neither. At least I had no recollection of him until I read about his demise in this obituary from UPI.

Evidently, prayer warriors and flag-waving Americans alike, we should all hold a warm spot for this 97-year old pastor because had it not been for his moral turpitude, our Pledge of Allegiance would be remarkably different. You see, his epithet will read something to the affect of “George Docherty: Under God.”

As pastor of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington, which had been President Abraham Lincoln‘s church, Docherty presided over the traditional Lincoln Sunday service attended by presidents on the Sunday closest to Lincoln’s Birthday. In 1954, he urged adding “under God” to the pledge with President Dwight Eisenhower in the congregation. “To omit the words ‘under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance is to omit the definitive factor in the American way of life,” Docherty said.

True. And to this day, his bold claim has been under attack, threatened to be eradicated and insulted by pukes and pundits alike. Yet, there it is:

…One Nation under God…

You know, as a body of believers, we may not win every battle and HiScrivener Theorem #1 may be in full effect […that bigotry against Christians is the only accepted and welcomed prejudice left in this country to march against…] but when I hear those four words spoken in unison, it does my heart proud and my bevy of smug comments reserved for the ACLU even prouder.

God speed, Pastor Docherty. And thank you.

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