Much to the chagrin of cosmetic surgeons everywhere, Pope Benedict XVI has decided to speak out against that overhyped and uber-plastic “skin-deep” beauty.

Pope Benedict’s message said, “The necessity and urgency of a renewed dialogue between esthetics [sic] and ethics, among beauty, truth and goodness, comes up not only in contemporary cultural and artistic debates, but also in daily life… When beauty is understood only as an exterior reality ‘as an appearance to be pursued at all costs’ then truth and goodness are left behind.”

plastic-surgeryUm, Il Papa? While you have been kicking it in your red suede shoes, have you bothered to check global advertising lately?

Regardless the publication, check the story.

Everything is skewed toward being a Size Negative 2, as if looking like a Somalian refugee was sexy. If that’s the case, those dimwitted photo-“journalists” need to escape to the Motherland. Given famine in this economy, I’m certain they will find America’s Next Top Model languishing in some hut somewhere.

Which by the way, with those gripping pictures, you think any of those photographers ever gives those kids a sandwich?! I’m just sayin’. Next?

“Our witness, therefore, must nourish itself with this beauty; our proclamation of the Gospel must be received as something beautiful and new. For this to happen, it is necessary to know how to communicate with the language of images and symbols,” the Pope said.

How? Simple. Ignore them.

With all these pre-pubescent and impressionable girls being molded in the fashion of her “totally awesome” starlet, it’s no wonder those magazine haven’t been hurting in this economy. Puh-lease. The day people stand up to the propagated imagery of subjective beauty in this country is the day… well, let’s just say headlines may be about a rapture of sorts.

It’s the way of the world, Pope B16. If you want to change, create the alternative. You know, if you want to show the world that living humble is the way to go, consider that next time you are blinging with a golden scepter and dripping in brushed velvet robes.

And not so fast, megachurch pastor of the world (seen usually on TBN). This means you as well. You want your church girls to have a healthy self-image, consult your wife who is hooking herself up with Botulism so her crow’s feet aren’t rocking talons across her face. Now, that’s a reality going straight to the bone.

Again, I’m just sayin’. Too bad they aren’t listening.

  1. hiscrivener says:

    Marcus, I can always count on you to show up and nice things up. Well done.

    Lavrai, so true. He should focus on discipleship for the umpteen bajillion who call him “Father”, rather than trying to treat the rest of the world like his kiddos. And he won’t tackle that because this position is as much holy sky as it is poli-sci. OK, so that was a big stretch, but you know what I mean. 🙂

  2. lavrai says:

    OK, I wish the pope would just sit down and be quiet… if he’s not going to teach the people how to live holy. Why doesn’t he tackle that, and remind the people that without holiness no one shall see GOD? I already know the answer… but you never know who’s reading…

  3. Having just read Culture Making, this struck a chord. We aren’t to “create the alternative” so much as create something that is truly beautiful on its own merit.

    Far too much of “Christian” culture is just watered down, sloppy niche marketing that looks like a derivative parallel universe.

    I heard Scott Derickson say something like this: I don’t want to conquer Hollywood. I love Hollywood! I want to help them make movies.

    The Day the Earth Stood Still starts in a few weeks. That’s cool. It’s not a parallel universe. It’s main stream culture, created by a Christian. That’s cool.

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