Cancer Blunder from Down Under: Preying Overseas

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Follow up, On Your Wall, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, The Obvious Files
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Well, it was a fun ride.

You know, exposing the fraudulent Michael Guglielmucci and his ironic praise, “Healer.” But alas, it looks like this Brickhouse Series is coming to a halt, until of course, he shows up in Australia again.

Oh yeah, you didn’t know. Evidently, there aren’t enough psychotherapists down under who understand addictive and overwhelming pornography. So, holmes has decided to fly the coop and find solace on the couch of an M.D. in the States, according to The Age.

Guglielmucci is now receiving psychiatric care overseas. His bank accounts are being audited by his church and leaders have promised any money raised deceptively will be returned or donated to charity. Police say at this stage they are not planning to lay charges.

As long as he being bled dry of any profit from that amazing hymn to the Lord, I suppose his poverty is enough recompense for what he did to… uh, you know… the world.

Ah well, here’s to hoping he gets better. If God can use him once, he can heal him again?

  1. Michael says:

    I remember his father promising that everybody who had been defrauded would get their money returned in full. My prediction: Nobody gets repaid, ever!

  2. Franki says:

    its funny how everyone is so quick to make their judgments when a leader falls… Mike, Todd Bentley (two incredible men who have with out a doubt changed the lives of many, wana fight about it?) its almost like people are waiting for others to fall, and then when it happens, its like every good thing that they have done somehow becomes meaningless. Can we not remember that his message and story has saves thousands? that his songs actually bought people into God’s presence? My life was turned around in a time when he was leading worship… was it fake? can someone who abused drugs and was suicidal just go with the hype and suddenly become healed? no… see he was able to lead people into Gods presence… he’s words and songs changed lives.

    So you know what? I hope he gets restored, and that one day, whether it be on the big platform he was on, or on a one to one level, that God uses him to touch lives just as he did before. And anyone who thinks that they can talk sh!t on the internet about a fallen leader, just look into your own heart, and let God worry about the others, because we say that we will obey the commandments that Jesus gave us – to love others, however at the first opportunity everyone reckons they gona rip into Mike.
    But what? he did a bad thing? he lied? he tricked everyone? no ones saying that he didn’t do that, but why didn’t everyone rally together? start to pray for him? send support and love to his family? naa instead we are gona youtube his name so that we can laugh at his tv interview. Sometimes i’d rather hang out with non Christians, because most of you people are more judgmental and less forgiving than those that don’t know Christ. So much for being the answer to a fallen generation. Do you remember what Jesus said? He said that people would know that we were his disciples because of the love we had for each other… clearly in this case, there’s no telling which one of you follow christ, and which ones don’t.

    • hiscrivener says:

      Prior to contrariety, I hope he gets restored – as do many people globally. His church did pray for him, people did gather around him… then out came the porn stash and folk knew he needed more than a hug.

      There’s no doubt the number one reason for atheism in this world is Christians. However, the number one reason for the reality of Jesus Christ so prevalent in the world is… wait for it… the other Christians.

      There are bad seeds in every single sociological, genealogical, ontological, psychological and physiological group known to man. What Mike and Todd did just lumped them in that category. You know, before they were in the other one.

  3. Séh says:

    I am sure that everyone can fall down ..

    Then .. i am not speaking that Mike is RIght ..

    But .. The most important He made .. He confessed his Sin ..
    now he will receive the consequences ..
    I Think that the ONly thing that “WE” can make for Him, is to PRay a lot.
    ANd not judge Him.

  4. hiscrivener says:

    Mark, thanks for the update and correction. I have Guglielmucci searched daily and nothing comes up… until I saw that in the Age. I pounced.

    What he did was diabolical and shameful, but you figure someone who could be used of God in such a powerful way has something right about him. Right?

    Hopefully, there will be more good news about him, for his and his amazing wife’s sake.


  5. Mark says:

    Hello, just for your information and so you can correctly allow people to know, the reports in the press about Mike going overseas are completlely false and untrue. You can’t believe what you read in the paper all the time. Mike is attempting to get normality and stabilty into his life and working hard in a very down to earth and physically demanding job right here in sa.
    I appreciate your sentiment at the end of the piece for Mike’s full recovery

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