“It was the economy. Folk wanna save a buck.” Hogwash!

“It’s the highlight of their year.” Only if they are xenophobes and this is the only time of the year these freaks muster up enough strength to face mankind.

Whatever the pathetic excuse, the vitriol communicated by CNN anchor Mike Galanos is perfect. You hear about this cheerful Yuletide story about a Walmart employee trampled to death by these early bird freaks? If not, check it out… oh, and Wall Watchers, listen to the “Ka-ching anti Jesus” remark at 1:35.

You like that?

Why we have be the target of this tragedy? Since when did Walmart ask for Christians to draw the Ichthus with the clove-trodden foot in the sand before they are permitted to come inside?! I don’t know if that tool forensic psychologist knows this or not, but America is full of folk – many not claiming to be Christian who still enjoy the buzz of saving 10 percent on a G.I. Joe with the Kung-fu action grip! You dolt!

It’s shameful that Walmart will get sued for this and have become Public Enemy #1 for this mob scene, because this 4 a.m.-crashing-down-the-doors holiday cheer crap happens everywhere. And if it wasn’t here, this was bound to happen somewhere.

jesus-santa-wishYes, this happens at concerts, state fairs, sporting events or even church revivals. (Come on, like you weren’t thinking that big mama in a mu mu running down men in walkers so she can “catch a blessing” in the front row). But it’s expected there.

This is Christmas, but this fatal act of dissidence is reflective of what is pervading this most wonderful time of the year. It’s about the sales, not the salvation. The commercials, not the conversions. The kids in the store, not the Christ child in waiting.

“Where has this world gone?” That’s easy.

Find the biggest clearance sale after Thanksgiving. Most of them will be sparing us all to death, screaming giddily because they got the last Wii in sight… at least until the next shipment comes in later that day.

  1. Candy Zucker says:

    I don’t unremarkably comment but I gotta state thankyou for the post on this great one : D.

  2. Rich Bordner says:


    That’s a good thought…I wasn’t thinking of it that way, but it makes sense.

    This one has really set me back. I wonder how I would have reacted had I been there. Would I have been impatient and such? Probably. This has reminded me to chill out a bit; getting a deal or getting ahead isn’t worth my integrity or someone else’s health.

    We’ve gained the world but lost our souls…

  3. lavrai says:


    Three things:

    1. The video has apparently been hijacked.

    2. I love the graphic CNN uses. It’s almost like a horror movie ‘BLACK FRIDAY DEATH!’ …coming to a theater near you.

    3. Finally, I can’t figure this thing out myself. It’s like people have an instantaneous lobotomy this time of year, or whenever there’s some publicly hyped up sale event, or like you say, concert, or whatever. It is like people literally lose their minds. And literally have no problem stepping on someone’s neck to get that huge LCD HD-TV that serves no real purpose in their life. And Wal-Mart, and other stores, venues, etc. that does such foolish things like have a bunch of people amass right outside their doors in no orderly fashion, should be taught a lesson. A single-file line, or perhaps like the corner stores used to do back in the day — let a few people in at a time. Otherwise, you are inviting chaos. If they weren’t expecting a disaster, why do some of these stores request police officers on the premises ahead of time?

  4. […] first collected Added 30 Nov 08 from hiscrivener.wordpress.com Flag as inappropriate or […]

  5. hiscrivener says:

    Well said. Indeed.

    Wickle, stop by anytime. With insight like that, these bricks will continue to stack high.


  6. wickle says:

    Part of the problem is that “Christmas” has at least two meanings … One is the commercial holiday known for deceptive stories told to kids, massive over-indulgence of every kind (food, materialism, etc.), and lots of greenery. The other is a religious occasion.

    However, a lot of people can’t tell the difference between the two.

    For my own part, I think that we might be better off if we stop Christian groups from badgering stores to use the word “Christmas.” Frankly, if people are going to kill each other for discounted vacuum cleaners and TV’s, I don’t want Christ’s Name connected to that phenomenon in any way.

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