Catholics in Palm Beach, Fla. are creating a national stir thanks to some popular shirts taking design and artistic license a bit far.

If you are an MMA fanatic (like me), an aficionado of the UFC (again, me) or just like sweet graphic tees (yup, me too), click on the link and view the video. So, what could I be discussing?

Not quite your mama's idea of religion

Not quite your mama idea of religion

Anyone see those UFC shirts, or other brands with nice graphics such as Affliction, Xtreme Couture and Tap Out? Sure who have, because even Christian retailers are trying to grab the gusto with NOTW, Lion, Truth and anything else found on sites like (Cheap plug, but hey, I shop there).

Well, they went too far (as noted in the aforementioned video and this stark pictoral) as the Virgin Mary is no longer holding the Christ child, but rather the sacred winged skeleton?! Huh?

Brooke White, Nordstrom spokeswoman, said store employees began pulling the Affliction T-shirts after a Palm Beach Gardens customer complained. “It was a mistake on our part to have ordered them in the first place,” she said. “We’re fortunate we had a customer complain so we could get them off the floor as soon as possible.”

Ya’ think? Does this pecunious retailer need a Cardinal from the Vatican to issue an edict of non-Catholic-compliance to figure into this decision? And what lovely spin control that is. It took a customer to realize this sanctimonious travesty. Good times.

If it were up to your jaded buyers and um, staff, relics of Christian antiquity would have been thrown into the fire like books on “Footloose” and all to sound the clarion call of the holidays, “Ka-ching.

I suppose there is a reason why my lil’ Wall Watchers tell me to stray from “ugly boney faces” on t-shirts. Good for the UFC. Not so good for religious buyers. Happy HOLY-days.

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