MEMO to Wall Watchers: Getting Salty with It

Posted: December 1, 2008 in Inside 411, Keep it real
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God deals with me on a frequent basis, as is the case for any Christ-follower who have fellowship with Jesus on a routine.

We all have our own prayer lists, most of which have revolving requests and bites for intercession. However, some items are solidified in cement. For HiScrivener, that is my family, job, et cetera. But it’s also this blog.

“The Writing on the Wall” is a labor of love, more than I can communicate here. And in an effort to be snarky, cantankerous and effective for exposing the muck and mire in the Church, I search for inventive means to create a headline.

You know, puns, analoguous terms, syncedoches and the rest of the stuff I absorbed in collegiate English. One of those things are using symbols for the cheap laugh. You know, “Oh @#$%” and stuff like that.

The thing about being righteous, you have to do what’s right.

And although it may not be a thing for you – and no worries if not, I got mucho convicted over that recently thanks to God and a dear blogospherical friend I’ve discovered.

This is a blog, if anything, about what’s right. And if I plan to get “salty with it”, it should only be to make people thirsty for the knowledge of Jesus we all share. You know?

And that’s where I want to be with the Wall. Oh, don’t get me wrong… what some of these jackleg fools do in the pulpit (and often in spite of it) deserves to be exposed, but we – the many bricks in the Wall, and others whom I routinely enjoy – can communicate it effectively without pushing the envelope and still bust their chops ad nauseum.

I won’t. I apologize. Thank you for your time. Now, back to the news.


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