Hindus have “Gandhi”. The Nation of Islam has “Malcolm X”. Christians have “The Passion of the Christ” (and so, so much more). Satanists have uh, “The Omen”. Buddhists have uh… hrm… “The Golden Child.” Atheists have um… oh let’s see, “Planet of the Apes”?! Agnostics have “Devils’ Advocate,” maybe. Catholics have “The Mission”… or perhaps “Agnes of God.”  And of course, Scientologists has anything by Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

the-message-of-muhammadSo, how come it has taken this long for Muslims to have anything to make their prayer rugs curl in Hollywood? Well…

If film producer Oscar Zoghbi has his way, Americans will be soon be flocking to movie theaters to see a film about the Prophet Muhammad and his followers that Zoghbi hopes will clear up misconceptions about Muslims, including what he says is “the understanding that all Muslims are terrorists.”

Now, it has been well documented my feelings about the differences between real, devout Muslims and those lunatics blowing themselves up to get their freak on with 77 vestal virgins.

One seeks to serve a god for a divine path of righteousness (even though not the true God) and the other is known for terrorism, 9-11 and being the spiritual equivalent of the KKK.

In other words, this movie, “The Messenger of Peace” – if done properly – has its place. Jesus was more than a man, but God in the flesh.

And then there was Muhammad, who was only a MAN who tended to stray from the sacrosanct and meandered in the muck of well, carnage.

“The movie will probably avoid or justify Muhammad’s violent and unprovoked battling years in Medina, where assassination and mass murder were done by Muhammad … in order to spread the religion, take control and silence his critics,” Darwish [author of some book noted in the story] said. “We will probably see the image of Muhammad that most Muslims were spoon-fed in their religious education.”

Yeah, about that. Maybe I’ll stick to “Aladdin”. At least they have a friendlier version of the Islam people.

  1. Peace be with you,

    Is there any other language you understand better than English? I am simply asking you “why do you believe that Jesus was God in the flesh?”. Did Jesus ever say that? If yes, please provide reference, if not, then tell me where have you been thumb sucking this from? Is this clear enough or you want me to explain each and every word?

    Listen mate, this might sound harsh, but think about it, isn’t this reasonable? You call yourself a Christian and don’t care to believe/practice what Jesus preached. By the way, there are millions of Christians who DON’T believe that Jesus was God in the flesh and they quote Bible to back up what they say, unlike some people who just believe what their parents believe. I hope you are not one of them.

    I believe that Jesus was the only way to God, and so is every prophet of his own time. So, Jesus was the only way but it was for that time and for those people as it’s mentioned in the Bible,

    “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the nation of Israel”. [Matthew 15:24]

    You suggested me to ask Jesus to forgive my sins. What sins are you talking about? Why do you think I should ask Jesus for forgiveness? Where did Jesus commanded people to ask him for forgiveness? Would you care to back up your statement by quoting Jesus from the Bible? I stress, show me where Jesus said so, everything else will be dismissed in the nearest Rubbish Bin.

    Brother, keep your advice for some one who don’t use his head to analyze what he believes and gets fooled by people who don’t know what they are talking about. It’s reported in the Bible that Jesus said many people will come to me on that day and tell me Master we used to do wonderful things in your name and Jesus said he will tell them get away from me I never knew you. You see what Jesus said? That’s the kind of thing I am talking about.

    May God guide us always closer to the truth.

  2. hiscrivener says:

    Oh, dear Lord. Sometimes, I think a phone call would settle everything.

    I wasn’t asking for your congratulations. I’m just saying I read the Qu’ran with a little more care than some tool who pried open its 114 chapters for a mind-numbing book report in High School.

    It wasn’t boasting, it was… oh, who cares why I said it. It was a feeble attempt at being personable, I suppose. And the only time I get cold feet is when I sleep with the window open without any socks, so save the idle challenging for someone else, okee doke?

    The original focal point of this post was every religion has a movie, and I didn’t recall any truly about Islam. And for someone reason, this bothered you. So to assuage some sort of complex because I stand upon what I believe a tad more vociferously than someone else might is analogous to “I know you are but what am I.”

    I suppose the rift in the road is this: I know many Muslims whom I call friends, and consider me a friend as well. I believe they are genuinely sincere in their faith, which is highly admirable. The feeling is reciprocal as well. The chasm between those friendships is somehow we both believe each other is ultimately wrong.

    Christians – not just me – believe there is only one way to the Father (John 14), that’s through Jesus. Period. Ask Jesus (the Savior of the world, not a prophet) to forgive your sins, all is well. Ask someone else to do the same, not so much.

    Religion is meant to elicit passion and encourage compassion. I’m passionate, but also don’t “discriminate” against another person who is true about their beliefs in another god. I only pray for them and live around them, much as I’m certain you do the same with love and care. I applaud your passion. I am grateful for your questions.

    I hope that all makes sense, since there is not a phone around.

  3. Peace be with you.(Didn’t you learn in your Seminary that Jesus used to wish his disciples like this?)

    Well, it’s a shame as well to boast about yourself. To be honest, I am not at all impressed by whatever you wrote(your words) in response to my response. So, there isn’t really anything interesting to infer. No offense.

    Glad you did that.



    It would have made more sense, if you would’ve replied to my questions above. Why are you avoiding my questions? Are you getting cold feet or what? I am only asking you proof to what you said about Jesus and you didn’t write a word to back that up. Don’t take me wrong, I am trying to learn/discuss from/with you here.

    May God guide us always closer to the truth.

  4. hiscrivener says:


    It’s a shame that text has no personality. You don’t know me and all you have the power to do is infer from words without inflection, and assume with prejudice. I would do the same thing if I was in your position.

    Without going into a resume, I am a seminarian. That said, when I read the Qu’ran, I did so with as much rumination, as I did the Torah, Bible. Heck, even the Satanic Bible. It was for school, but it was also for my own edification.

    Muslims, Hindus or most people of any true faith that heed to the tenets of their scripture without doing so at the peril of others (which limits all cults, sects and false religions) is a guided religious person. I am by Jesus the Christ and his Holy Spirit, as are you through Allah.

    And back to the text thought, much of what is said in here is satire… sure, it’s all backed by fact and inspired by a real news story, but I fill in the blanks with pontifications that are light-hearted, yet, cause for pause.

    I hope that makes sense, and the next time you read the word “Islam” or “Muslim”, you might understand I type with a sense of decorum, not delusions of grandeur.

    Again, thank you very much for stopping by and please do so again.


  5. Peace be eith you.

    1. Good to hear that you’ve read the Quran “cover to cover”. I would recomend you to analyze and ponder over it’s verses. That’s what the Quran encourages people to. I DON’T really care who you are.

    2. Who according to you are guided Muslims?

    3. Good

    4. Who is dicriminating here? You did by comparing Jesus and Mhammad, peace be upon them both.

    5. I would ask this question back to yourself, as you’ve opened this can of worms. What has Jesus to do here? Why did you first start saying what you don’t have authority to back up?

    May God guide us always closer to the truth.

  6. hiscrivener says:


    1. I have read the Qu’ran cover to cover. What’s lovely about blogs and pseudonyms, you have no clue to whom you are speaking.

    2. I am fully aware of what Muslims believe – real ones and the misguided ones for whom control the maddening stereotypes. All religions have them.

    3. I am fully convinced who are a true Muslims who worships Allah out of devotion and passion, rather than fear and vitriol. For that, I salute you. We differ greatly on who God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are, but I admire your allegiance.

    4. And you shouldn’t discriminate the vessel, only the juice that is poured from within it. And that’s biblical.

    5. Besides, this article is about a movie about Muhammad. Why is this conversation necessary discussing a movie? I would have said the same thing if I had the Wall erected at the time of “Passion of the Christ” as well.


  7. Peace be with you mate,

    I don’t really understand what you are trying to do by posting this on your blog. Could you please clarify? If you want to know the true message of Islam, I would recommend you to read Quran and be honest with yourself while you analyze it. I am not trying to convince you to accept Islam, it’s just an invitation to read the book I believe to be the book of God.

    Think about it, if I want to know about Christianity, what do you suggest me? Go to an ingnorant fool who hates Jesus and accep what he says? Ofcourse not. And please, stop playing these “Muhammad was only a man, but Jesus was God in the flesh” games. Like I said before in a separate article on this website, we are told in the Quran not to descriminate against any of His messengers. That being said, quote me a verse from the Bible where Jesus made that claim. I stress, where Jesus himself said, everything else will be dismissed in the nearest dust bin.

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