Cross Eyed: It’s the most generic time of the year

Posted: November 29, 2008 in Follow up, Good for a Giggle, Keep it real, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, WWJD
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As you file through the malls aimlessly gallivanting through the sale sections, rummaging through boxes of tube socks & bad ties and pandering to customer service representatives to get that extra three percent off on a $5,000 TV, keep in mind this salient HOLY-day reminder:

Not a lot of retailers care this is CHRIST-mas. The only care that we – the consumer dolts, they call us – spend ourselves into debt purgatory during the “season” and tell Santa all about it.

So, Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family had a recycled idea and have it a genius makeover with this video about “Merry Toss-mas”. And during this economy, it makes cents. Get it? Ah well, the video is brilliant.

  1. Rich Bordner says:

    Lol..that’s funny. AND A HECKUVA GREAT IDEA!

    I can probably think of 15 other uses for the tossed catalogs too (fly swatter, poop scooper)…

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