FLDS: Costs Texas $12 more million, just in time for the holidays

Posted: November 27, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Follow up, On Your Wall
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A not so long time ago in a desolate land far away depending on where you live, the national news was all about a motley crew of renegade fundamental MormonsF-undamental-LDS for those scoring at home – who thought the way to a better religion was living on a remote Texas compound, make all their own clothes and impregnate pre-pubescent children.


polygamy-porterSuffice to say, the good God-fearing folk in west Texas didn’t take kindly to that kind of behavior, religious or otherwise. They raid the compound thanks to a bogus phone call and place more than 400 children in state custody.

In the process, the Lone Star State ran up a ghastly total of $9 million just in the first few weeks. And, that is a lot of Mormon beer-chasing, bang-bang gun play (as possibly noted here).

Whew! There’s some inflation. And now, thanks to the Houston Chronicle, the child welfare authorities want their cut.

The raid of a polygamist sect’s Texas ranch cost child welfare authorities $12.4 million in overtime, transportation and shelter costs, according to newly released figures… The $12.4 million does not include the costs associated with the remaining cases, said Patrick Crimmins, a spokesman for Child Protective Services. It doesn’t include court costs either.

So, in the spirit of Christmas, I move the state of Texas would like a refund. After all, these guys were just being Mighty Mouse and coming to save the daaaaaaaay. They weren’t planning on all this ballyhoo and swapping of credit cards and blank checks.

Maybe they can make back their cash by finally empting out the ranch of all those pesky kids and hot mamas and play “Home on the Range”. You know, get some cows, horses, chickens… oh, and Alpacas. I hear those are in fashion now. Can’t be any more a-go-go than those flashy threads those mamas are sporting.

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