An ad worth considering

An ad worth considering

So, you are walking up to your favorite store and hear the familiar “ching ching” of a bell. If you have half a heart – and a little bit of spare coin – you reach in your pocket past the lint and day-old gum to drop in the red bucket of the Salvation Army.

The ringing may get on your nerves, and walking penniless past those friendly volunteers may plague you with guilt, but they are there for a reason. Well, fret no more. The red kettle club has a solution to rid you the anguish for giving your nickles and dimes away – credit.

This season, five bell-ringers in El Paso County, Colo., will be the first to accept debit and credit cards along with spare change and bills. Salvation Army officials say the kettle tradition needs to be tweaked as consumers increasingly carry only plastic.

Yeah. About that? If some people are so self-entitled during the chaos known as “Xmas shopping” (because that part has nothing to do with Christ) and believe they can’t afford to lose a minute to dip into their pockets to you know… help the homeless, what in the world makes you think they are going to stand there and get the card approved?!

It’s an admirable try, but I just don’t see it working. And good thing because when the IRS shows up at a kettle near you, they may have an inkling to wonder just how much of that mysterious plastic money they get… to er, uh, you know, feed and clothe the homeless IRS agents across America. Poor babies.


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