Looks like Richard Roberts took the payroll with him

Posted: November 25, 2008 in Above the Fold, Follow up, On Your Wall, PC is not for ME, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, Testify
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The creed of the ORU Human Resources handbook?

The creed of the ORU Human Resources handbook?

Well, well. Looks like HiScrivener is flowing in the spirit of prophecy. Last we saw on the Wall about Oral Roberts University, namesakes were no longer in fashion as Richard Roberts got the peace sign.

And good thing too, because from what I can glean in this story from the Tulsa World, he took a piece of the payroll with him as at least 100 employees from the plagued school have become statistics and canned.

“These are tough economic times for us all,” Interim President Ralph Fagin said in a news release. “Like any business , a university cannot spend more revenue that in collects. We have a responsibility to the ORU family to be good stewards of our resources. You can’t spend more than you’re taking in,” continued Fagin. “This is the last choice you want to make because we have such great employees.”

Thanks, Ralph. The problem with that sentiment is these tough economic times aren’t about some endowment your sticky-fingered president swindled. This is about those 100 people kicked out on the street after the holidays.

Fortunate for your conscience, the dearly departed are probably T.A.s, janitors and other nameless faces around that campus, but to those that know them, they are people who deserve a heckuva lot better than the six-figure sendoff their former boss just received.

Now, for the record, ORU doesn’t blow. Just the son of the institution for which it is named. And now, so does this decision.

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