another-reason-for-the-seasonWell, this story from the Christian Post is giving an entirely new meaning to the “Naughty & Nice” list, and some Christians who have an affinity for the four-o’clock mayhem after Thanksgiving may not enjoy the news. (For the entire list Mall shoppers, click here and enjoy).

Liberty Counsel, dubbed in the alarming article as a “conservative Christian legal group,” announced its sixth annual “Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign” – a national campaign geared against retailers who ban Christmas references from their holiday advertising.

You know, all the national press they are going to get will make Liberty Counsel a “foe” to those PC gone wild retailers. Kitschy, huh?

Um, “6th Annual”?! What happened to the overwhelming coverage from the first five? I’m just sayin’.

A few companies that made the “Nice” category on both lists included Bed Bath & Beyond, Family Dollar, Macy’s and Wal-Mart. The Office Depot, CVS Pharmacy and Gap were some stores that both lists had labeled as “Naughty.”

Whew! Family Dollar and Wal-Mart. America, you can have Macy’s. As long as I can buy tube socks 1800 for $3.95, I am good for the holidays.

Not to be outdone the American Family Association has their own list that has created some ballyhoo among the two organizations. The source of their angst – Best Buy [insert chilling soap opera music here].

Liberty Counsel, which features a more extensive list, had placed Best Buy under the “Nice” group of retailers for featuring “Guaranteed Christmas Delivery” on its website and selling Gift cards for Christmas. The pro-family group, on the other hand, had named Best Buy AFA’s top SCROOGE Award winner for publishing a 2008 “Holiday Gift Guide” that reportedly avoids Christmas and refers to Christmas in an online survey as “this holiday.”

Those #$%&@! While the guaranteed Christmas delivery is nice, if you are so lazy to get off your blessed assurance and not pick up your own refrigerator with DVD display, then you deserve to be Santa at the local town square. But that “this holiday” reference both blows and is somewhat innocuous.

I mean with all the jingle bells, fake snow on the windows and melodious sounds of the great Burl Ives on the loud speaker, and you can’t figure out what “this holiday” is, you are need of Santa to bring you a lot more than an Xbox and a G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu action grip. You need a frontal labotomy. Ah well, there are the lists… ho ho ho!


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