pc-for-school-languageStill Greek to me, more good news coming out of a college near you, according to the AP…

Despite the law suits, empty threats from the ACLU and the rising popularity of optional hazing in universities, Christian fraternities are becoming the rage on campuses across America. Nice.

Lambda Sigma Phi is part of a wave of Christian fraternities and sororities that has gained a foothold on U.S. college campuses, sometimes despite the wishes of school administrators. Members get pumped up about prayer, Bible study and service projects, passions they say campus officials should and often do embrace as fresh amid a Greek culture typically seen as centered on hazing, keg parties and little else.

Although I have my own “too cold” Greek affiliation, which is chock full of its own famous Christians (including one who had a well-known dream), this would have been a real pleasure to be a part of rushing. What all started with Beta Upsilon Chi, is now a national trend. And it’s all about Jesus!

Whether this is a response to the tumultuous trend of kids dying while hazing or simply an outward expression of an inner faith on campus, Christian fraternities are indeed making a difference in the student body.

Oh sure, they may not have the blowout keggers and all-night barf fests, but there’s always time for Sunday night stay-ins and ending the Bible study just in time to get a good seat for the game where half you will get arrested and the other half will get their cars towed.

Life at Animal House. Makes you wanna shout!

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