If only they made the Christian version of this classic

If only they made the Christian version of this classic

OK, here’s two words that don’t belong in the same sentence: “Christian” and “Party”

Uh, yeah.

Campus Life magazine has decided to derail Christian education everywhere and break out the “Best Christian Party Schools” list. And your winner is the infamous Toccoa Falls College! Huzzah!

According to the aforementioned story, here’s why the Georgia faith-based institution makes the buck wyle list:

Obscure Toccoa Falls College has impressed the judges for years with its quirky talent shows, freshman mixers and over-the-top support for their beleaguered sports teams. The school is also known for its Quad Runs, a longtime tradition where hundreds of students spontaneously bolt from their rooms, tag a certain spot on the administration building and run back as if nothing happened.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Granted, they’re kids and it’s much better than all-night stoopers blubbering alcohol and coke lines, but does pubescent angst like this really require a LIST?! Seriously?

What’s next, some Catholic school drones up the memories of fermented wine keggers and funny bread pass arounds? Maybe there is a Mormon college in Salt Lake where they dare to strip out of their holy skivvies, bay at the full moon and actually spend a day going house-to-house NOT dressed alike?

In case you are wondering where to send your child to college, here is the rest of the Top 5:

  1. Wheaton College (Wheaton, Ill.)
  2. Concordia University (Austin, Texas)
  3. Southeastern University (Lakeland, Fla.)
  4. Fresno Pacific University (Fresno, Calif.)

Awesome. Simply awesome. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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