Dallas megachurch pastor wants his flock to sex it up

Posted: November 13, 2008 in Above the Fold, Networking, PC is not for ME, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, Spin Doctor
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You know, I was just telling my Fair Lady what this world needs is a 70s revival. Huge concerts, great music, protest mentality… and of course, all that sex!

I mean with the “Free Love Movement” spreading like a flu in New England in the heart of winter, who wouldn’t dig that and feel a “Purple Haze” (or at least scratch the fool out of one in that most special area of yours).

Uh yeah. That, or some other reason noted in this story

Uh yeah. That, or another reason noted in this story

Well, gasp and swoon, I got the vapors! Thanks to Ed Young, Jr., founder of uber megachurch Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, the 70s are coming back. The pastor, while sitting on a bed in front of his church body, challenged the couples to have a boink-fest all week long.

In these days of financial crisis, rampant divorce and debates over same-sex marriage, it’s time, he says, to turn the “whining” into “whoopee.” More fundamentally, he adds, the embracing of sex is about nurturing and strengthening marriages. “Sex is like Super Glue. It’s a spiritual thing, an emotional thing,” he says.

Man, with one liners like that, no wonder he has written so many books. All of this muddled in a sermon entitled, “Leaving Lust Vegas.” Seriously?! Sage wisdom there, Ed.

Meanwhile, somewhere among the 20,000+ parishoners is a mom and dad sitting in church with their daughter and son-in-law. That had to be some classic conversation at Luby’s Cafeteria… [cue harp music]

So, honey, what did you think of pastor’s message?

I thought it was like, soooo cool. I mean, I have been wanting to get my groove on lately but Jeff has been tied up in legal cases. Dad, what about you?

Well, it’s been about 20 years since your brother and you went to college. So, I guess your mother and I are due for a week-long tryst.

So, break out the leisure suits, perms (for men), mood rings and the 8-track player, Jesus freaks and nymphos alike. Ah, the times they are a’changing indeed.

Oh, and this is rich, his attempt to clear his acne is now considered a “national healthwatch segment”. Well, it does burn the calories and helps the heart.

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  4. Dawn Bailey says:

    Before you raise an eyebrow about this challenge…check out this past weekend’s message at http://www.fellowshipchurch.com to see what God says about sex and marriage in scripture.

    Why do we continue to allow the media to dictate sexual norms? As a mother of 3 teenage boys, I am deeply troubled by the volume of casual sex bombarding our kids. Sexual intercourse carries with it deep emotional, physical, and spiritual ramifications that if taken out of the marriage bed can do significant harm. No one bats an eyelash at the porn star reality show, yet we are quick to criticize this open discussion in church. Have you checked the stats on pornography, infidelity, and divorce?? The enemy is having a field day!

    It is time that sex is taken back from our culture and returned to the place where it all began—one man and one woman in marriage, God’s way. ^i^

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  7. there was another church or pastor, can’t remember now, that did “30 days of sex” this past year. So this guy needs to catch up. I bet if you did a google seach, you could find it.


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