A stoic and bludgeoned philosopher once orated, “Can’t we all just get along?”


Meet the cross section of Christianity

If only he was talking to pastors and politicians – as noted in this AP story – we may be able to sing Kumbaya and look like a diverse nation doing it. But apparently – much to Dr. King’s chagrin – this was an election based on the color of someone’s skin and not of the content of someone’s character.

While nonwhite Christians voted overwhelmingly for Obama, most white Christians backed John McCain, according to exit polls. Several black clergy said that criticism of Obama by some white Christians over his religious beliefs and support for abortion rights crossed the line, hurting longtime efforts to reconcile their communities.

And there’s going to be the largest problem with this administration – the dolts who support it. Did anyone bother to see his acceptance speech?! When the BarackStar walked on the stage, there was a sea of Americans – not just black ones, brown ones or whites, but all ones. However, it seems that the militant (and curmudgeon) sect of black America has claimed this victory for itself. Namely in the black church.

“What they [the aforementioned militant folk] did is insult our biblical understanding,” said Hutchins, who voted for Obama and has backed Democrats in past presidential elections. “The white religious right-wing determined that if you didn’t vote for McCain, you were not meeting a standard of the Bible.”

Yeppers. You see, if you are white and bicker about Obama’s politics, be prepared to be called a racist because people are so used to the white Bible thumper being a gun-totin’, dog-cussin’ SOB when that is totally not the case! While you are whining about the only issue of the Bible the BarackStar clearly ignores (the unborn life), consider his empathy for the downtrodden and beatdown. You know, typically the Democrat playbook.

This is the power of stereotypes and every sect, creed and gender has them. You see one overweight, beer-swillin’ white dude with a wifebeater on and instantly, “Ah, trailer park trash.” Maybe he has diabetes, loves his brew and has a propensity to sweat a lot?!

So, black church, this is not YOUR president. Conversely, white church, whether you like it or not, he is YOUR president. In other words, if you live in this God-blessed country, Barack Obama is YOUR president. I don’t care if you didn’t vote for him or sang his name in a church hymn before November 4. What matters is that pray for him because any cat in this position needs it. Why? Just maybe we should have hit the altar for the last guy in the White House. You saw how good he did.


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