NEWS FLASH: He just “bought the farm”. News at 11. R.I.P.

In the early 70s, Bishop Earl Paulk built one of the first major televised ministries from the beacon at The Cathedral at Chapel Hill in Atlanta, Georgia.

You may have seen this fraudulent tool. He was plastered all over the Good Ol’ Boys’ network (affectionately known as TBN), his son did his best Vanilla Ice impression and all the world was their stage.

Now, well past his own early 70s, the jig is up and the church is for sale to the tune of $24.5 million, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Why? Well, let’s allow this story opening serve as the microcosm of what went wrong with this fool:

Today, the church is called Cathedral at Chapel Hill and is run by the Rev. D.E. Paulk, who grew up thinking he was Earl Paulk’s nephew but later learned he is his son. Church membership dwindled from more than 10,000 two decades ago to about 1,000 today because of sexual misconduct allegations against Earl Paulk and other ministers.

So, in an unavoidable attempt to save face – and real estate value – we have this bit of hilarity:

“As the message and expression of our ministry has transitioned to become more open and radically inclusive of all people, we realize the ministry can be facilitated in a smaller and more urban location,” he said.

Yeah. That, or the fact you, many other dudes surnamed Paulk, including your old man, can’t help but be handsy to the worshipers of a certain female persuasion.

In February, a judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a woman and her husband that alleged Earl Paulk engaged in a 14-year affair with the woman. The couple and their lawyer were ordered to pay legal fees of more than $1 million; they have filed an appeal.

You know, I have friends in the ATL and am familiar to a few other houses of which their shrewd real estate agent can interest them. I believe those houses start with “Crack” and “Out”. Suitable for drug fiend pieces of crap like this.

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