Flames of hell put out by Canadian firefighter

Posted: November 7, 2008 in Denominational Fun, IJS, On Your Wall, The Obvious Files
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Meet Jim Brayshaw, a lifelong Canuck, firefighter, apparent universalist and now budding theologian and novelist?!

hell-noEvidently, when you are surrounded by snow 24/7 in Saskatoon, Canada, there’s not much fire to fight so a guy has got to find something to do with his free time. Some cook, others grow vegetables.

Not Jim. Nooooo. He has written a 500-page diatribe that expresses, well… here:

The idea of a fallen angel who rules an afterworld in hell is a manmade construct, Brayshaw argues in his book, Satan: Christianity’s Other God Vol. I: Legend, Myth, Lore or Lie.

This loose-fitting ideology would be different if it was a five-page pamphlet, but this is a manifesto!

Dude has much angst against the fire and brimstone proselytizing. What’s funny is he sounds like he is convinced about his new found faith. I wonder if there is a local Vicar who could slap some demonology his way:

“Satan was invented so man had someone other than God or himself to blame evil on,” he said recently. “I was ambivalent at the outset when I considered writing this book. I realized I can’t write it as a diatribe against Christianity because I know and love a lot of Christian people and have learned so much from the Christianity I was involved in my whole life.

But?! 500 pages later, we have the newest theological rant proving the liquidation of Christianity thanks to the abhorrent lack of conviction and sin awareness in today’s pulpits.

That sound you hear is Carlton Pearson giggling and singing, “I’ve got a feeling…” Um, fellas, wait until rapture. Things may not be alright.

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