Public Relations 101: Never start a whizzing match with the media.

Apparently, while Victoria and Joel Osteen are “loving their life” and boring people to tears with sanctified psychopablum, no one ever told them that.

The two latest non-fans of New York TV

The two latest non-fans of New York TV

Check out this interview with Rochester, NY reporter Evan Dawson who apparently had a serious weed to yank with one Vicky Osteen. You will gleefully note she could have answered his question, “Evan, you are a lilliputian twit who can’t say my name right.” And dude would have sped on by with his line of vitriol.

Personally, I’m still full of giggles. Thank you, Evan.

And to maintain my cachinnation, first-class dolt Donald Iloff, Jr., chief of communications from Lakewood Church, thought it would be a good idea to scribe a snarky retort to one Mr. Dawson. Um, bad move. Yeah, he printed it:

I read your interview (one of several she did that day via satellite) and I was struck by your depth of insight.  After all, I have been with the ministry since before Joel was the pastor and I have never once heard him say God wants us to be rich.  Yet, you seem to have found it.  You are surely destined for a national network gig.  They are looking for smart guys like you.  God bless. –Don

To which, young Evan, replied… and posted it online. If you want to experience the same joy I have, please visit the link on WHAM 13 to read whimsical jibes like:

I assume you didn’t appreciate the interview. Let me assure that your judgement [sic] of me – as an anchor angling for some national gig – is incorrect. I feel very fortunate to be here in Rochester, and my wife and I plan to remain here.

Well played, sir. Keep us posted and maybe it will be Donald looking you up again… for a job. You see, thanks to Donny boy’s dimwitted e-mail, the Osteen’s armor has a few more chinks and that life wasn’t as enjoyable, if only for a while.

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