There was a blue God out last night

Posted: November 5, 2008 in Networking, On Your Wall, Politics, WWJD
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believers-for-barackFor those Christians who were baying at the moon watching the sensory overload, 12-headed punditry on any national network watching the presidential-elect coverage noted a slight blue tint in the sky.

The man in the moon was visible from the plains here on earth and seen carrying a “Yes, we can!” sign while illuminating the evening sky. And to capture that is a brilliant post by founder Steven Waldman (from whom I snatched a blog title).

In this, he clearly lines up just how Barack Obama was able to win the vote from the Christian nation and even the religious-not-so-right. Here are a few utterings:

  • There’s now a bridge on that “God Gap”: McCain only beat Obama by 10 points, as opposed to Bush impaling Kerry on a steeple 61% to 39% in 2004.
  • Catholics have done a Mea Culpa: 54% of Roman Catholics voted for… Obama?!
  • Protestants and Evangelicals realized there is more to an election than a conservative face: Obama won 61% of folk who call themselves “religious”, 25% of saved and sanctified folk and saw a little smile from Protestants too.

Waldman goes on to opine of Obama’s strategy to reach out to the Church (all plastered on the Wall as well) and even the rise of oddly-dubbed “Religious Left”. So, if you are praying for answers, you couldn’t do worse than to start here.


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