halo-wed-obamaTonight, was so much more than an election – it was a moment frozen in time, captured in school textbooks for generations to come and a time to tell your kids, “I was there… when…”

It is also the inception of a new “Brickhouse Series” to become the amalgamation of God and Barack Obama (hence, “God & Obama” or “GOBAMA”. Kitschy, huh?)

As much as I would enjoy ranting about his political wiles, I’ll leave that up to my other bricks in the wall, WOW newsers and other blogs I thoroughly enjoy like this one, this one and this one.

But anytime he brings up faith and politics, church and state and all the various and sundry mutterings in between, you will catch it painted on the Wall.

Now then, about what happened this evening… breathtaking.

Regardless of who you voted for, this was historic. Imagine, only 40 years ago… 40!… the man who delivered a rousing speech in front of 125,000 would have been lynched for even thinking such a thing only four decades ago.

Tonight, people of all races and regions were faceted in front of a TV or stood silent in Grant Park and clamoring “Yes we can!” Yet, there was that significant portion of this country who couldn’t say a word or utter a prayer because the memories were too powerful.

vote-thisThoughts of being maligned because they were darker than the average citizen…

Images of dogs shredding the arms of black men and women who chose to lend a helping hand of democracy…

Words echoing in their minds of racial slurs and epithets so heinous they shouldn’t be typed on any blog, anywhere…

For those people who held on to a dream and an address from Gettysburg, I proudly type, “Wake up, and welcome to reality.”

I am attached to that dream only because of a proud organization I call, “Frat” (Side note: Martin Luther King was a Too Cold, Servant of All Alpha Phi Alpha). I only know about the race riots in Selma and Montgomery because of history books and fabled stories I hear from others. However, it all came to a head this evening.

Don’t believe me? Did you see Jesse Jackson?

This man who has become a caricature of himself and a HUGE media whore touting anything from his organizations to others’ causes stood there, buried in a sea of people watching the culmination of a dream he heard orated those 40 years ago.

And although Jesse has done many significant counter racial things to bury that memory in apogee – such as “Hymeytown” and note this fun little story – there he was, a shell of the man he has created since the march on Washington.

the-tears-of-a-clown1Stoic, empty, riddled with emotion and crying… silently.

He remembered the words his close friend bellowed from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and for certain he was thinking about them while president-elect Barack Obama recollected memories of “We Shall Overcome.”

There, in that moment, was a microcosm of remembering the Civil Rights movement, hearkening to the inspiration of the past and emotionally passing the torch for the future.

Jesse, you have had more than 15 minutes… but they are officially up.

And now for those young black kids, this will be the picture of folk who look like them and how politics should be about all people. For those a little more seasoned, it’s a reckoning. Enjoy this moment. Despite his party, his politics or even his former pastor, what happened tonight is worth saving the headlines.

It’s been a long time comin’, but I know a change gonna come. Oh yes, it will!

  1. donstuff says:

    Well done – yes, the textbooks will always refer to Obama as either the first Black president or the first non-white president. This is historic and a huge move forward for all of us, regardless of our politics, toward some sense of diversity (and the dreams that come with it) at our highest level of leadership.

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