During the many foolhardy months of “M.O.V.E. 2008“, the main premise of this particular “Brickhouse Series” is to shed some light on the musings of McCain and Obama as they work to earn (or vie) the vote of evangelicals.

See there? M.O.V.E., all spelled out.

And today, that momentum comes to its precipice, its climax with the push of a button or the turn of a lever. But, for those of us involved in the Body of Christ and saturated in God’s word, I ask you, “Does it really matter?”

Whether your guy is up or down 10 points today is frankly inconsequential. The merit of your motive should be when you vote today – and believe me, if you haven’t, you should – do you even know why?

And if you answer:

  1. Because he looks like me,
  2. Because he ain’t George W. Bush,
  3. or because he is pro-life

Then you are wrong because none of those equal justification to vote for the leader of the free world. Everything, not just one thing, should be considered when voting.

If you want to vote based on biblical principles, then pray earnestly… about all of those principles, issues and reasons. The problem with organizations like the “Religious Right” is that they are political in nature, not religious. Christians should be religious in nature, not political. Pray about that. Fast about that. Then vote.

The ubiquitous question heard in churches all around the country this past Sunday, “How would Jesus vote for” is passe. You see, his birth certificate doesn’t read “U.S. citizen” so his right only becomes righteous in theory. That whole being from Israel thing.

Besides, with all the references to the “KINGDOM OF GOD”, I would think the Almighty is biased to more of a Monarchy. That said, his write-in vote could be for the Queen.

God bless America, yes. God save the who, again? I’m just sayin’. Enjoy your trip to the polls, Wall Watchers.

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