Recently, a few bricks were hurled at the Wall about a fallout in the noted Robert Schuller camp – well, for both of them. As noted:

“For this lack of shared vision [between Pap Schuller and his grim-lipped kid] and the jeopardy in which this is placing this entire ministry, it has become necessary for Robert and me to part ways.

As the two Schullers decide who gets the China and who gets the pearls, we discover a new – and quite ridiculous – fashion to pastoring a church: Musical Preachers, thanks to the Los Angeles Times.

The schism between the Rev. Robert H. Schuller and his son at Orange County’s Crystal Cathedral arose over a disagreement about broadening the church’s long-running television show, “Hour of Power,” beyond a single personality — a move opposed by the younger Schuller, pastors involved in the matter said Sunday.

Makes sense, right? Papa Schuller is getting more advanced in years so he can’t read the holy writ like as he accustomed. The kid is younger, a little spry so he thinks, “Shoot, I can rock this joint and ALL those cameras with my dad’s gridiron jaw and uber-lukewarm pablum.”

Eh, not so much, grasshopper. The pebble is still in the old man’s hand.

The show will now be hosted by different pastors, and even businessmen, from around the country and Latin America.

Ah! Nothing says “Salvation” quite like a live infomercial on Six Sigma work efficiencies, promoting those lovely motivational posters and house flipping in industrial markets. In Espanol, no less!

You know, this could be a good thing. If folk don’t get saved in the famed Crystal Cathedral, they will at least walk out with a gimme bag of household products, “As Seen on TV” brochures and some inspirational quotes from Anthony Robbins.

Either way, that’s life improvement. Right?

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  2. […] I suppose it was learning from experience because Dad’s network is now broadcasting static and prior to that, church at the Crystal Cathedral was a MLM convention instead of ministry. […]

  3. Is there any free to join Amway opportunity?

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  5. Capt. Pete says:

    It is always sad when a father and son have a falling out on anything. This is a way for the father to have his son find real faith. ( He Will ) He will have to walk in the wilderness now for some time and we will see just what he is made of. I think when it all plays out he will be greater than his father. He has found out that there is a GOD and that all that comes easy is not golden. Life is not without a struggle.
    People in glass houses should not through stones. I can hear my grand mother now. When you are exposed as the Schuller’s are there are always things that you can find falt with. Life on earth is temporal, the life after is greater, yet there are people that choose not to think of the hearafter but to dwell in the world as we know it.They find falt in anything, for the most part they are not possibility thinkers. Who knows GOD’s plan ? Who can say how this will play out. I have found my son after 37 years and a drunk wife that lied. Who would have been able to see this. GOD’s plan will come in it’s own time,and on it’s own terms.

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