Farrakhan and Irony: “Organized Religion is a flop”

Posted: October 28, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, Networking, On Your Wall, WWJD
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Yes, that’s a direct quote from the leader of the Nation of Islam. And yes, he should have said that while looking at himself in the mirror smirking the entire time.

During a recent rededication ceremony at Mosque Maryam (national HQ for the Nation of Islam in Chicago), minister Louis Farrakhan rattled off the following:

“Religion as it is being preached and practiced is a failure” … “Are Muhammad and Jesus enemies,” Farrakhan asked. “Why, then, are we?”

If by “organized religion”, you mean being ridden with guilt if you don’t make service, offer your alms publicly just so others can keep you in check, pray five times daily or else and forget eating ham during the holidays, then by Jove, you are right!

Any of that sound familiar, brother minister? Islam (in this country, not globally) is no more unorganized, ritualistic and perfunctory than Christianity, you dunderhead.

And as for your other thunderous epiphany, I have a few points of interest:

  • Jesus and Muhammad aren’t enemies.

True, but one is naturally subservient to the other, guess which one that would be, man who serves a guy who died centuries ago.

  • Muhammad was a man created by God with his own ability to reason. When he was 40, he gets bent about Islam, fasts during Ramadan, ventures to a cave and gets a revelation that “God is One.”

Uh yeah, wake up and the smell the 90s. Not the 1990s or 1890s, just the 90s – as in A.D. You see, Christians knew “God is One” way back then. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you figured that out five hundred years later, but there was no need to write your own holy writ and call it something else to placate to the locals.

  • So just who were you addressing anyway? Did R.W. Schambach open a tent revival nearby?

Note this from the aforementioned story in the Los Angeles Times:

Besides religious leaders of many faiths, hundreds of other visitors were invited by Nation of Islam members to attend the ceremony. They passed through tight security before entering the mosque but were greeted with friendly smiles by Nation of Islam members.

Get this Wall Watchers. Bet you a dollar these were mostly young folk from the South Side, still impressionable in dogma and know the Nation does a TON of beneficence in the community.

So, this is NOT as inculpable as it seems – Farrakhan is not proselytizing unity for the sake of salvation; he is recruiting new soldiers for the sake of growth!

Any time a preacher extols a “We are the World” message, it’s bound to attract folk. Just ask Joel Osteen how that’s working out.

So, MEMO to all the nubile Muslims: Jesus and Muhammad aren’t enemies. BUT… they aren’t buddies either. One was a man, the other is GOD. One was a servant with a plagiarized message, the other is sovereign KING with edicts from on-high. One is dead, the other is ALIVE.

Farrakhan is right about one thing – organized religion is a flop. My recommendation? Try having a relationship with Jesus. If you don’t believe me, consider the following age-old idioms: “Buddha Damnit,” “Allah bless you,” “For the love of Vishnu,” and who could forget “Oh my Satan!” So, what’s wrong with all of these? GOD IS MISSING! There’s a reason for that, big guy. You figure it out.

  1. amy says:

    baby, u’r soo wrong. u shud study character of Mohammad and then say something. Do u even know dat da United Nations Organizations has included points in human rights from Charter of Madinah which was made by Mohammad.



  2. Kliska says:

    “Are Muhammad and Jesus enemies?” Bit of a trick question? Honestly my first instinct is to answer, “yes.” Why? Because he who is not with Christ is against him…and to my recollection, Muhammad promoted a false Christ, at the point of a sword no less. Now, the real difference is that Christ taught us to pray for our enemies and to love them…and to live with the knowledge that He’ll sort everything out later (Hebrews 10:13)…

    I’m so glad Farrakhan continues to “bless” humanity with all of his…”words” of “wisdom.”


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