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You have heard the arguments. You have seen the blather. But now… NOW… there’s proof about the man they call Obama!

Messiah, or not. Antichrist, or not. Whatever side of the Mason-Satan-Dixon line he calls home, Barack Obama is doing something that hasn’t been done since Father Abraham became a Baby Daddy and sent that Bebe Kid Ishmael packing – he has Muslims and Jews agreeing about something.

Shoot, I don’t care what it is. It could be what they want on their pizza, as long they aren’t blowing things up on opposite sides of the Gaza Strip, this is newsworthy. First, the Nation of Islam (despite Obama saying he wants nothing to do with that religioner, vote) and now this?!

It’s not real surprise. Jewish voters typically side with Democrats: in 2000, more than 80 percent had a Gore/Lieberman bumper sticker; in 2004, a paltry 75 percent rocked the Kerry/Philanderer… er, Edwards ticket. And thanks to the story from the Gallup Poll, the “World’s Most Interesting Candidate” [I love those commercials] has seen his numbers rise in only four months!

MEMO to McCainiacs: This is what’s called a “meteoric rise.” In other words, you may begin sweating now. All Johnny Boy needs now is for the Pope and Billy Graham to utter support for Barack, and his world is officially rocked and Obama could be the last clown standing. So, I’ll ask the question the McCain campaign is asking, “What the eff?”

Support for Obama among all registered voters was fairly stable from June through September, but then rose sharply in October – in apparent reaction to the U.S. economic crisis. By contrast, support for Obama among Jewish voters has expanded more gradually, from the low 60% range in June and July to 66% in August, 69% in September, and 74% today.

In other words, there’s the rub.

This election is NOT about the war, NOT about Christian values, NOT about healthcare and the other feng shui topics, but about what’s in front of people’s faces now. When this thing began, everything was on the table because – you know – everything was working so well in the White House at that time. But now, the economy is in the toilet, unemployment is so popular it’s in fashion and so many bailouts, socialism isn’t a feared by-product, it’s a stark reality.

Ah well, may the presidential election continue to be what it’s always been – a vote for the lesser of two evils and pray out loud and in public that God keeps his covenant with his people and our nation. Lord, hear our prayer.

HiScrivener has been called many things, most of which is slightly unsuitable for a blog that extols God. Among the clean monikers is “Five-star Chef-de-Cuisine extraordinaire.” OK, maybe that’s a slight hyperbole but I do love to cook.

That said, “Big Daddy” and church elder Paul Woodard is my hero!

This 6′ 4″ dude pushing over three bills does more than pack out his pants, he packs his Birmingham, Ala. barbecue shack to the rafters every day… except Sundays and Wednesdays.

“People say I could make more money if I was open on Wednesday and Sunday,” Woodard said. “That’s not an option for me. I’m not going to sacrifice my relationship with Christ for a few dollars.”

Who cares, right? Well, to me, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal if Elder “Big Daddy” Woodard ran a Chic-Fil-A in the heart of Dallas. All those people and a proven brand equals profits. His barbecue joint is in Birmingham, Alabama! A major city barely cracking one million, with no major sports team and in a city not really known for economic virtue.

In these economic times, that’s not quite called a fiscally-responsible decision. Again, who cares. This is a man who knows who pays his bills. And it’s not like he’s hurting that much…

The Birmingham News recently pronounced Woodard’s restaurant as the home of the best ribs in the greater Birmingham area. Big Daddy’s won the gold medal for the seven-county area.

Maybe I’m just waxing a bit sentimental and spiritual, but this is inspirational. Brother has this award-winning, slammin’ BBQ and yet, he is determined to give God his due and serve him up a platter of praise (he sings in the choir) before serving the community a platter of those hot ribs of his.

So, Wall Watchers, if you are in “B-Ham” anytime soon, make sure to stop by, look up and give Big Daddy some love, and a couple of dollars for his brisket. Good on ya’ Elder.