Archive for October 25, 2008

HiScrivener is an old school music lover. From jazz greats of Ben Webster and Oscar Peterson, R&B icons of Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye, true rock legends like Pink Floyd and The Eagles. You get the idea.

However, these are the days of milquetoast, bubblegum pop and cheeseballs taking the stage on American Idol.

Much to my shagrin, I blow the dust off my wax and play ad nauseum. Every once in a while, I enjoy the Nu Soul crooners like John Legend and Anthony Hamilton and rockers like Kid Rock and SRV (R.I.P.) who can sound on their best day like the folklore of the past. Hip Hop is probably the toughest to do that. Common has done that seamlessly in the secular, but who has done that in Christendom?

Gone are the days of D2, SFC, Freedom of Soul, Apocalypse and Gospel Gangstaz. God rest their soul. So, now what? There aren’t many acts that can bridge the chasm between Christianity and commercialism from the inside. Third Day does it brilliantly. Some of the aforementioned wasn’t that successful, but that’s because radio wasn’t ready for them yet. Now, they are.

May I introduce Shai Linne – a group that seems to understand memories are made with Old School riffs and money is made with completely transparent lyrics extoling God’s greatness. Before a few days ago, I have never heard of them, but this got my head bobbin’ and my hands raisin’. Who knows where they will go on CCM radio, but they made it on the Wall.

Forward this on to your peeps and give it your ears. This will keep your heads ringin’. What, what!