Pastor gets a beat down, and then the boot

Posted: October 24, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Good for a Giggle, Networking, On Your Wall
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Meet Pastor Steve Nixon.

For years, he pastored Calvary Baptist Church in Ellisville, Miss. That reign hula hooping one of the rungs of the Bible Belt ended this week.

Strange. A man leading a small church seems like a cushy gig, right? You get familiar with all your parishioners. You get to know who they are. And you get close to families.

Well, that may be the reason why Pastor Nixon here got his own impeachment. You see, according to the aforementioned story, the reason he took the exit stage left was thanks to former church member Michael Clark.

Apparently, Pastor wanted to get his text messaging on… to Clark’s wife… and Michael grabbed an airhose and proceeded to beat the devil out of his pastor with it. After being bludgeoned with a handy, extraneous car part, he decided “that’s what is best for his family.” Yeah, that… and the fact that the missus is about to get half of that faithful stipend. Good times, dimwit.

So, for Pastor Nixon’s last hurrah message at the church will be, “How to lose badly fighting the good fight of faith.” Believe me, I’m sure it was a doozie!


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